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Zetria – Level 1 Walkthrough Guide

    A thorough walkthrough for those who get stuck easily, like me. A word of caution that I’m not the best at this kind of video game, therefore updates may be slow.


    Level 1 Walkthrough

    It’s the demonstration version and controls will appear as you progress. If you are unable to remember to use ESC (on the PC) to pause the level and then view all controls. It is also possible to restart the game from this screen.

    When you start this game, it will find yourself in the ship, which is a beautiful one. Run toward the right side, speak to the hologram to get story and context, and continue to run to the right. The hologram will take you to the start of the stage.

    Run to the right and hold E while standing next to the green button to open the door. From here, you’ll be required to leap up onto the platform and follow it with a double-jump to the left. You’ll need to kneel in certain areas, and use S however it’s quite simple. Press E when using the blue warp, and it will teleport upwards. To your right is an elusive stalker who will move towards you, and may hurt your if you let it reach near enough (obviously). It will take three bullets, or 3 kicks to take out. Then, run to the right then straight ahead, hit the green button and then backtrack.


    Then, run to the left of the moving platform, and then drop down. There’s a stalker waiting to be killed. It is then advisable to eliminate the red spiked blob. Crouch first and then shoot it two times to take it out. It’s not moving at all but it will do massive damage if you crash through it. After that, you’ll need to push the green button to drop one block onto the platform left. pressing the green button a second time is going to reset the block. Push it into the acid green softly, and then take a leap into the block. Ideally it should be directly beneath the low ceiling. After that, you can jump with care into the ground to the right.

    (Both of the above jumps can be described as double-jumps and extremely difficult ones, too. Personally, I found this one extremely difficult). Take out the stalker and go to the end the hallway to collect the keycard. Return to the beginning of the hallway.

    Return to the same moving platform that was there at the beginning. Make sure to keep it toward the left. The objective is to reach the top of the hill to the right. To accomplish this, you’ll need to leap from the platform into the left side and then jump to the next area to the right. It was a very difficult jump for me and it took me hours. When you are there, press that yellow lever to transfer the platform all way to the left, then jump and make use of your keycard to unlock the door.

    Here’s an area that I was stuck in my own way and had to climb down and walk through the tiny section that is orange in color and appears like a crate or crates to the left of the button that is yellow at the bottom. Then jump up and enter the door that is now locked. You get 16 more bullets. In the hallway after you will encounter another stalker, and another difficult jump. I would recommend taking out the stalker first before jumping out of the box to the high platform to the right, where you can push the green button and open the door.


    This is the halfway mark, and when things get more intensive. The journey continues.

    Walking through the corridor to the left and to the left, you’ll find another stalker to take out. This part is more complex, and you have more freedom in the way you approach things. My opinion is that you could go in either way depending on whether you’re in need of healing or not. If you’re in poor health then you’ll require the healing. In either case, you’ll be able to avoid the doctor (the woman in the street) at the moment.



    Get on the middle platform and climb onto the right. There’s a stalker. It’s difficult to take a kill in close-quarters combat Be cautious. The tentacle-like thing on the upper platforms is actually a heal station however, you are only able to utilize it for a single time before it wears out. This is why I suggest that you pick the time to heal cautiously. Enjoy the short video clip.

    After you’ve recovered you can return towards the center platform. The researcher will be running past you, and then past one of the warps. Crouch to go through the corridor to the left and utilize the warp. Be aware that there is an armed stalker to your right and left. I prefer to eliminate the stalker to the right first because it’s more close and then I’ll run to the left to create some distance between me as well as the stalker. After you’ve killed both then press the bottom green to your left, then go around to the left.

    There’s one stalker and a floaty tentacle. Take out the stalker first, and ensure that you have enough ammunition for the floaty thing . It shoots pink balls that are able to dodge by walking around. The most effective way to do this, based on my experience, is to shoot between pink balls , and then try to crouch in order to dodge. Four shots are enough to end the game.



    Jump on the center platform. The researcher will be running past you, and over one of the initial warps. Crouch to cross the hall to the right and then take advantage of the warp to go there. Be aware that there is the stalker who is on your right and left. I usually eliminate the one to the right first since it’s nearer and then I’ll run to the left to create some distance between myself as well as the stalker. After you’ve killed both you can press the green bottom to your left, and then turn around and move to the left.

    There’s one stalker, and one floating tentacle. Take out the stalker first, and ensure you have enough ammunition for the floaty thing . It shoots out pink balls that are able to dodge by walking around. The best method to approach this, based on my experience, is to shoot between pink balls , and then move to crouch to avoid. Four shots can cause it to die. The time is now to recover I’m sure you’re laughing at me.

    You can use either warp to return, or jump on the middle platform and then jump towards the left. There’s a stalker. the most difficult place to be killed with close-quarters combat So be cautious. The tentacle-like object on the top of the elevated platform can be a station for healing however, you are only able to make use of it once before it gets tired. This is the reason why that you select the right time to heal cautiously. Take a look at the short clip.

    Once you’ve been able to survive the wave of monsters, you’re now ready to start helping someone else. Get close to the researcher, and grab her by using Q. Go into the warp and then run towards the left. Before you leap down, all , drop her using Q once more, since you aren’t able to jump when carrying her. The green button is close to the acid (the one which will reset the entire box) There’s an arrow and a question mark that is drawn on the wall, which marks an unmarked way. This is the second part that I became SO stuck.

    So, crouch down and walk to the right via the invisibility passageway and you’ll find an item of green (not completely sure of the exact location currently but I’ll get back to it later). Keep going to the right, and you’ll fall down. Turn left to unlock the door. Get back up and take the investigator down and through the door that which you’ve just opened. It’s best to take her down for a second as the monsters are coming. The first is a spiked Blob, and then a stalker. It is possible to eliminate the stalker by shooting at the spiked blob. Then, kneel and take out the blob that is spiked. You can also eliminate the spiked blob with a kick it in case you’re short of bullets. You can kill anything with melee, but it’s a lot harder to accomplish to me.

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    Continue to run to the left to the left, and you’ll be in the zone of extraction! You’ve have made it to the second step.

    If you’re looking for an image, check out this somewhat unclear walking-through tutorial (no comments) I came across on YouTube: