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YouTuber Technoblade Posthumously Passes Major Subscriber Milestone

    Technoblade, a popular YouTube content creator and Minecraft player, has passed a significant subscriber milestone on Google.

    YouTuber Technoblade Posthumously Passes Major Subscriber Milestone

    Technoblade, a popular YouTubecontent creator, was well-known for creating Minecraftvideos which would garner millions of viewers before he tragically died at the age 23. Technoblade was supported by many YouTube members who flocked to his channel in support.

    Technoblade confirmed his diagnosis of cancer with his YouTube viewers. He raised money from the large number of streams and videos on his channel to support the Sarcoma Fund of America. Technoblade’s viewers have assumed the same role since his father announced his death in a video called “solong nerds”, which has been viewed over 70 million times. An important portion of these views could have come from new subscribers, based on the growing YouTube subscriber count that has exceeded the number that other channels see.

    Technoblade battled cancer for almost a whole year. He continued posting videos that educated and entertained people into his final days. Technoblade’s YouTube channel, which was spotted by Dexerto, has now surpassed 15,000,000 subscribers. His channel fluctuated in the 10 million-range before his death. Technoblade died just over a month ago. His YouTube channel has seen a dramatic rise in subscribers. Minecraftplayers will continue to go through the backlog of content available.

    Technoblade built a following over nine years of YouTube content creation. He also collaborated with other Minecraftplayers such as DanTDM, Skeppy, and Dream. Technoblade made real-life content, Fortniteand H1Z1 videosPopular YouTuber Technoblade’s fans have mourned the loss of Minecraftfan in many ways. Some created animation projects, fan art, or their own clips.

    Technoblade has nearly produced a thousand videos in his lifetime. His YouTube channel offers countless hours of content that new subscribers can explore while they keep up with his adventures. Technoblade’s followers took to Twitter to celebrate his posthumous milestone. Technoblade’s inability to reach 15 million YouTubefigures while he was still alive was lamented by a few of his followers, but others suggested that it was due to increased awareness about his channel.