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Unpacking All Achievements Guide

    Unpacking all Achievements Guide – Road to 100% – Guides for unlocking all achievements with locations, video guides and tips

    Unpacking All Achievements Guide


    Unpacking All Achievements Guide: Solutions

    How to unlock every achievement

    • Create some memories with Story Related – 1997
    • You can solve a puzzle in 1997. To unpack a Rubik’s Cube, press the B button 5-6 times
    • Play some music: Place the unpacked radio on a flat surface and press B.
    • Start: Complete 1997 level
    • Strike a pose in Bedroom, 2004 > Unpack the doll. While holding the doll, press B until it is unlocked.
    • Sometimes food: Unpack the cookie jar and place it in a high-height container (2004 is the easiest).
    • Electric hazard: Put the radio or toaster in the tub or shower.
    • Be smart. Complete 2004 level
    • Game on: 2007 Living Room > Unpack a controller, a GameCube console and place the console under your TV. Next, press B with your cursor.
    • Put the baseball hat on your head in Bedroom 2007.
    • Fellowship: Complete 2007 level
    • Tidy wities: Bedroom 2010 > Top two drawers > Move all underwear to one drawer
    • Brew some coffee in 2010: You will need all the equipment needed to brew coffee (Bag of Coffee and Coffee Mug, Sugar, Coffee Grinders Scale, Instant Coffee Boiler, Drip Coffee pot, Long Neck Kettle).
    • Too cool: Get to the 2010 level
    • Rediscover childhood: 2012 in your old bedroom. Get the rolled-up poster (cabinet), and hang it up on the wall
    • Home cooking: Complete 2012 level
    • 12:00: Kitchen 2013 > Position the microwave near a plug > Hold down B for 4 to 5 times
    • Amazingly solved: Kitchen 2013 > Unpack magnets > Place them on the bottom
    • Independence: Complete 2013 level
    • Green thumb: Npack all plants at the 2015 Level.
    • Love: Complete 2016 level
    • Baby Builder: 2018 Baby’s Room > stack 5 blocks on top each other
    • Fuzzy friends: 2015 or 2018, unpack stuffed animal pig and stuffed animal tiger, then sit them side-by-side
    • You have to flush them all: There are x7 bathrooms: in 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2015, as well as x2 toilets in 2018. Check the locations > Press A to access all toilets

    Unpacking All Achievements Guide: Descriptions

    You will find descriptions about each achievement in the game.

    • Create some memories with your camera
    • Solve a puzzle. Solve the cube.
    • Play some music: Turn on your music player.
    • Unpacked 1997.
    • Make a pose: Take the mannequin in a dab.
    • Electric hazard: Place an electronic item where it can be dangerous.
    • Unpacked 2004: Get Smart!
    • Game on: Switched to a gaming console.
    • Hat on the head: I found a head to wear my hat.
    • Fellowship: Unpacked 2007.
    • Tidy whities
    • Brew some coffee
    • Too cool: Unpacked 2010.
    • Rediscovering childhood: A forgotten poster saved.
    • Unpack 2012: Home cooking
    • 12:00: Adjust the timer on the microwave.
    • Brilliantly solved: Created equation using fridge magnets.
    • Independence: Unpacked 2013.
    • Green thumb: Find a home for every plant.
    • Love: Unpacked 2016
    • Baby builder: Made a tower from baby blocks
    • Fuzzy friends: Place the tiger, pig side-by-side.
    • Gotta flush ’em all: Flushed every toilet

    Video Guide

    A video guide with all the accomplishments – Credits to youtuber untiltammaro