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Tommy Play Free Items guide

    Tommy Free Items Guide – T-shirts, caps, windbreakers, headphones, backpacks and more. Get all the gift ideas with our guide.


    Tommy Play Free Items – Full List

    These are the free items, and how to get them.


    • TJDonut Headphones – Just join the game, TommyPlay
    • TJ Wearable BMX Bike Backpack: After joining the game, you will need to complete the tutorial. Talk to the NPC and Equip the bike (press Q).
    • TJ Sports Cap: Get 20 seconds of airtime for your BMX bike
    • TJGIANT Hotdog Backpack – Unlock the secret passage under the bridge. Check out the Guide Below
    • TJ Chicago Cropped windbreaker: rank among the top three in Races Won and Races Completed on a server that has at least 11 players
    • Pop Hoodie
      • TJ Pop Hoodie Green & Blue: complete four different tricks during a single stunt competition
      • TJ Pop Hoodie Yellow & Blue: Complete a combination worth at least 5k points in one stunt competition
    • Pop Stripe Rugby :
      • TJ Pop Stripe Rugby Pink and Green: Won a stunt competition with a custom-colored bike
      • TJ Pop Stripe Rugby Pink & blue: Win a BMX Race with a Custom Color for Your Bike

    Secret Door Guide – TJGIANT Hotdog Backpack

    These are the steps that will unlock the TJ Giant Hotdog Backpack and open the locked door.

    • Take a ride across the bridge
    • Just before the bridge ends, drop down onto a small platform to find the hidden door.
    • Perform the midair trick by pressing Spacebar + 1 simultaneously
    • The secret room is waiting for you

    About Roblox Tommy PLay

    Reimagined, rediscovered and replayed: A city. You can now discover a new world when Tommy joins the metaverse using Roblox.

    • You can unlock free items, learn BMX tricks and race with friends!
    • Earn Tommy Tokens to buy new merchandise for your avatar
    • Find and unlock cool secrets
    • Meet new friends
    • There are new stunt competitions! To win, score the most points using your tricks!
    • For more updates, like and save the game! Follow the game to receive notifications when new games are released!

    Controls (/ Controller)

    • Q / RB – Bike selector
    • E / LB – Use powerup
    • Sprint / Left Shift / LT – Sprint
    • Ragdoll – T / R3
    • F / X – Interact