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    Google offers its game for Games.

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    Mobile game developers typically concentrate on the most important markets, like that of the U.S. and the U.K. because the fact that these markets have extremely high margins of revenue. But there’s an issue that the markets are becoming overpopulated. Where can you go after attracting a national public?

    Microsoft’s global growth team is a team from around the world made consisting of experienced analysts and strategists who utilize data from Google and third-party information to help clients with prices and costs, informing consumer preferences and improving the localization process.

    Exporting to global markets allows developers to expand their reach to diversify the revenue stream they earn. This helps protect against risks and also reduces the cost, says Ludovic Thevelin, an IGT expert at Google.


    Smaller markets are often oblivious to their significance. But, if they have the same income and PIB per person like other western markets, putting these markets together can assist developers to locate more enthusiastic players who, also are active in the game. Take Northern Europe, for example. Northern Europe, for instance. Nordics, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria are often overlooked but when they’re grouped, they could be a formidable level of business.

    It is also among the largest user markets with a third of the world. On the market there are thousands of new users join to the site for the first time every day, and comprise thousands of users every week. Thevelin states that the future lies in this position. The more advanced individuals are considering ways to expand into the markets they are growing into which is particularly important in their software in regards to the size of files, localization, and many more. Changes and improvements can give them an edge in the near future.


    However the new markets do not have all the opportunities that exist, and picking the right one depends on a variety of variables. IGT performs a priority-priority analysis to help clients determine the markets they must be in the short and long-term.

    The first thing to be thought about is:

    • The business model describes the business model and income that the player will follow.
    • It is likely that a developer would like to discover the right target market.
    • The language you used during this game is in English.
    • The team behind the development has the ability and flexibility to adapt the experience of gaming locally.
    • The revenue average varies according to region.
    • The regions are used extensively each month.
    • The price per purchase will depend on the kind of game or the kind of game you’re playing.

    The growth depends on previous experience and the most crucial aspects.

    Advertisers can initiate their own prioritization exercise using the market Finder tool.


    If you’re planning on expanding the market, considering the importance of localization to optimize the growth of your game. According to the Google For Games 2022 mobile analysis report, 83 percent of mobile gamers around the world think it’s important to ensure that games they play are made available to their country or area.

    Thevelin believes that localization can help developers boost downloads, reach more customers , and increase revenue. It’s not just a switch that developers are able to turn on and off, but rather an actual process.

    He further explained the following four elements to localization, namely the people, the language, culture and the location.

    In terms of the language however, while some markets have more English Search volumes, 69 percent of the global population do not utilize an English application. That is it is possible to only search to a copy of your app , and not the copy of an advertisement.

    Developers need to consider whether their game is representative of the population that they are selling to or if the players are in fact connected to the characters by their game. Culture is about looking at local events and holidays. These can be used as a means of localization, but it’s crucial to make sure that the people are aware of cultural aspects.

    The fourth, final and last pillar is the address. It’s possible to attract attention and hearts if you present a clear and identifiable image of the location of the user’s home country including landmarks or land features.

    To in improving localization, developers should collaborate with local creators as well as influencers. IGT advises customers to examine the most popular YouTube channels and videos from appropriate areas for every game genre and contact those creators in order to develop relationships with local users.

    We’re aware that gamers are loyal, according to Thevelin. Making them aware of your game and helping them be aware of your content by contacting reliable local influencers is a excellent way to reach an untapped market.


    A deep understanding of our wisdom will lead to the ultimate goal. The key to short-term success is to look, analyze and reorganize your mind. The first step towards the development of a global growth strategy is to prioritize the process. This involves using these methods to highlight the kinds of KPIs analysts look for, and then indexing markets based on the KPIs.

    To keep growing internationally, developers must begin taking a look at the current situation and what markets they are able to reach in their current state and teams, and also where they are able to expand the month of April.

    There is a bright future ahead. What are the market segments you would like to create in the next one or two years, yet are more difficult to get into due to the need for localization? What’s the obstacle that hinders your entry into these markets?

    The nature of games is global because they transcend language, culture and even politics, according to Thevelin. Engagement of developers can be a valuable source of information. We are focused on helping our clients to understand where the opportunities for international development are, assisting them to prioritize the opportunities available and finally unlock the potential of these opportunities.

    For more information, talk with the Google Ads Account Manager about exporting your business to international markets. If youre newbie looking for an alternative to Google, please send your mobile app campaign to [email protected] with your mobile mobile app name/company and target market if you want to get started.

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