The Great War: Western Front revealed with new trailer

The Great War: Western Front has been revealed with the promise of a real world and games, weather, and much more.

The Great War: Western Front is the newest, forthcoming real-time strategy title from Petroglyph Games, and a trailer to introduce the game was recently released with narration as well as gameplay. The game is scheduled for 2023 and will be released on PC through Steam as well as on the Epic Games store.

You can view the complete trailer of the game The Great War: Western Front on the game’s newly launched YouTube channel:

The game is set between 1914 and 1919, players decide to either support or both Allied Nations or Central Powers and then direct their enemies through combat that is based on the turn. Although there are numerous war games that strive to achieve authenticity as a major feature, this is unique in its own way.

This game was created through Frontier Foundry, a publishing part from Frontier Developments that recently championed the amazing independent FAR: Change Tides as well as the exciting Deliver Us MarsIt is the Great War: Western Front is a completely different style for them, therefore something unique might have caught their attention.

The most distinctive feature in the RTS game is double-role accountability. The players must be able to succeed as the Theatre Commander as well as Field Commander, which has distinct duties. This brings the game closer to more intricate games but still retains the tabletop fun.

Additionally, the game features an actual world that includes weather, constant morale gauges, and also remembers the physical outcome of every fight. In contrast to games that just be reset every time, the features will give a different kind of real-world realism.

The players will have a real campaign mode, which means it won’t be scenario-based as in other warfare games (although scenarios will be available). There will be multiplayer too, to allow commanders to play against each other.

This game offers all the complexity and investment of a real-time board game, but without the board. The fans of Command & Conquer are sure to be thrilled as it’s by the same team of developers.


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