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Home » The Daily Grind: Do you like repeated events in MMOs?

The Daily Grind: Do you like repeated events in MMOs?

    You are almost always more educated about holidays you have experienced in the past year than those that were enjoyed the year before. While it’s great to see new minigames with smaller quests or extra snags every now and again, you will get the same rewards from the next year on a larger scale as the previous years. The same rewards would be found. You won’t find different content every year.

    Is this bad? This content can help you control the situation. This particular experience is affected by your gift or lack thereof. It can be a good thing that you will finish the event, even if you have done all of it. You also know that you don’t have to be attentive if the rewards aren’t what you want. This means that there is less chance one cannot do something.

    It also means that every event will be exactly the same, regardless of whether it’s good. It is not surprising that such a huge promise is listened to often. Is it really important for MMOs to keep events going?


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