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Home » The Closing Shift All Endings Guide – Good Ending & x2 Bad Endings

The Closing Shift All Endings Guide – Good Ending & x2 Bad Endings

    the Closing Shift Endings The Guide to x2 Bad Endings & Good endings Good Ending and x2 Bad Endings Get the Good ending as well as the 2 alternate (bad) ends


    The Closing Shift All Endings Guide – Good Ending

    If you’ve got out of your bathroom (bad second ending) you won’t be able to achieve this ending.


    How to unlock The ladder must be set up and then climb to the top following the door scare. take a paving block and place it on the STALKER

    The Closing Shift All Endings Guide – Bad Ending 1

    Requires: Nothing

    How to unlock: If you see the stalker waiting in the coffee shop’s front. Go through the door in back (storeroom)

    The Closing Shift All Endings Guide – Bad Ending 2

    Requires: Nothing

    How to unlock: Grab the screwdriver from the blocked back room and use it to get out by using the air conditioner vent inside the bathroom. The car keys will be in the outside, and you’ll be able to go on your way. It may seem like a great end however, the stalker is waiting in the back of your car.


    The Endings in Video

    We’ve not tried to elaborate on the details of each ending before, other than telling you if it’s good or not since the goal would have been the perfect opportunity to create spoilers. This is why we’ve made this section so that you can watch the filmic aspects of the three endings, knowing it will contain spoilers. If that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, check out this video that shows three of the Iridos Games endings

    About The Closing Shift

    The Closing Shift Bi Dian Shi Jian is an Japanese horror game that centers around an individual who is on the final shift. Key Features:

    • Experience that is immersive: A spooky realistic environment enhances the experience of horror.
    • VHS film aesthetic: The VHS aesthetic is a recreation of the feel and look of CRT screens , including the phosphor screen trail as well as bleeding. The VHS tape’s noise and interlacing and jitter are all present in digital video signals add an extra sense of immersion to the horror experience.
    • Gameplay The game is played in the “walking simulator” genre with the elements of solving puzzles.
    • Psychological fear: The game is guaranteed to cause you to go insane.
    • Japanese Theme: Environmental art that is inspired from Japanese film noirs.
    • AutoSave: Autosaves every checkpoint.
    • The effects of VHS can be disabled through the options menu.