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Terraria Heliophobia Achievement Guide

    Terraria Heliophobia Achievement Guide – Trick a gnome into turning into stone! And farm garden gnomes for luck


    Terraria Heliophobia Achievement Guide

    Terraria describes that to achieve this achievement, you must trick an gnome into turning to stone!


    It may seem complicated but it is actually very easy, as you’ll see below.


    1. It’s daytime, so make sure the sun shines.
    2. Locate a Gnome in the Living Tree biome. Gnomes will usually appear, so you’ll need to wait.
    3. Guide a Gnome to Surface They live underground and you must bring them to the surface to achieve this achievement. You can attract them by simply standing close to them. They are aggressive and will attempt to attack you, but once they reach the surface, they will become stone.
      • Tip: Make a hole in your tunnel wall to attract them from there

    What can you unlock?

    Once you have turned the first Gnome to Stone, you can unlock the “Heliophobia” achievement. You can unlock this achievement regardless of whether or not you’re interested in turning gnomes to stone.

    If the statue is nearby, every Garden Gnome created from a Gnome becoming stone will grant the player an additional 0.2 Luck.