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Subverse Cheat & Trainer

    Subverse Trainer & Cheat – Invicible, unlimited resource, set health, energy and mobility, change all the default values, edit them all…


    Subverse Cheat and Trainer – Download

    This Subverse Cheat and Trainer is now available in the last version. It supports STEAM and GOG. These Subverse hacks are designed to improve your gaming experience.


    Download Link >

    The trainer is currently working on version 0.4.0. However, they also update the cheats to the most current version. They put the most recent first. You will be able to access cheats compatible for the latest version of the game if you click the link we provide.


    These are just a few of the many possibilities you have with this trainer. As you can see, there are many cheats in it.

    • Invincible
    • Unlimited Hull
    • Unlimited Shields
    • Unlimited Energy
    • Unlimited Butt Cheeks Keisterstation Ship Health
    • Set High Health
    • Set Low Health
    • Set high energy damage
    • Get High Mobility
    • Game Speed
    • Edit: Hull
    • Max Hull
    • Edit: Hull Damage Resistance
    • Edit: Shield (Player Ship Combat).
    • Edit: Shield (Right-click Unit in Combat).
    • Max Shield
    • Edit: Shield Damage Resistance Ratio
    • Edit: Shield Regeneration Rate
    • Edit: Shield Regeneration Delay From Damage
    • Edit: Regeneration Rate (Player Ship Combat)
    • Edit: Regeneration Rate (Player Ship Combat)
    • Edit: Energy
    • Max Energy Edit
    • Health Edit
    • Edit: Energy Damage
    • Edit: Armor
    • Edit: Mobility
    • Edit: Initiative
    • Edit: Adrenaline
    • Edit: Level
    • Edit: XP
    • Edit: Pandora PooterPoints
    • Edit: Devotion
    • Edit: Devotion Level
    • Edit: BIO
    • Edit: TEK
    • Edit: CREDITS

    Subverse Cheat and Trainer – Save File

    While not cheating, saving files from people who have already beat the game and unlocked all of the content is an interesting trick. In case you’re interested, they provide a guide that explains how to locate the Save Files folder and how to download the save file from another party.