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Home » Steam Deck user highlights Valve’s subtle hardware tweaks

Steam Deck user highlights Valve’s subtle hardware tweaks

    A knowledgeable Steam Deck owner has spotted the subtle differences between the older and new models. The modifications to gaming consoles on handhelds can be the key to making a difference

    Steam Deck user highlights Valve’s subtle hardware tweaks

    Steam Deck Steam Deck has only been in use for a couple of months however, the portable gaming computer is already evolving. Although some of the modifications and adjustments aren’t immediately noticeable or obvious, a user has pointed out some minor distinctions between the old and a new Steam Deck and also the modifications could enhance the gaming handheld’s performance. experience.

    In an Reddit article, Steam Deck fan Athan614 examines a preordered Q2 device to the most recent model of this device and Valve made some nifty adjustments. The first is that the left and right Steam as well as the Settings buttons have been raised 1mm larger, and also have an enjoyable tactile click.


    The mushy sensation of the old Steam Deck buttons is a complaint that is shared by many owners of the handheld. Therefore, the fact that Valve has actually addressed it proves that they are listening and reacting to feedback. The button on the face appears to be more comfortable on the thumbs as well As Athan614 has stated, it is no longer suffering from the occasional feeling of sticking.

    The buttons apart, Valve is also making improvements to the haptic experience, since the vibrations on the device are better than the Q2 version. The Steam Deck review states that the device’s Haptic feedback could use an extra oomph and we may not have to wait until the Steam Deck 2 for a solution to this specific issue on the portable.

    Valve claims that every pre-ordered customer will get their Steam Deck in 2023. new customers will get a more powerful device, too. The extent to which modifications will be made between batches is yet to be determined However, Valve is slowly changing this tiny device for the more efficient.

    The storefront giant has to convince desktop users because their authentic Steam Deck dock isn’t located. The fans of flexibility might be more inclined to wait for Valve vapourware, but other options such as those offered by the Jsaux dock may be able to satisfy the needs of your desktop gaming needs for a while.