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Home » Sony on Microsoft Activision buyout: Call of Duty has no rival

Sony on Microsoft Activision buyout: Call of Duty has no rival

    Sony comment on Microsoft Activision buyout, in particular the importance to Call of Duty to players as well as the issues surrounding Xbox Game Pass, a service similar to Xbox Game Pass.

    Sony on Microsoft Activision buyout Call of Duty has no rival

    On January 20, 2022 Microsoft announced a deal worth $70 billion to purchase Activision Blizzard along with its most important cash-cow, Call of Duty. This Microsoft Activision buyout has big implications for the gaming industry as well. Playstation owner Sony is a major concern concerning Xbox Game Pass, too.

    According to Idas On Resetera which claims to be an expert with respect to IT Law, the Microsoft Activision acquisition has to be approved by regulators from all around the world, which includes that of the UK, which we are aware of. Brazil that began the investigation back in April appears to seek views from third party sources when it comes to deals like this . given how open Brazil is with regard to this data we know now what publishers think about this Activision acquisition.


    According to Idas (and confirmed by PCGamesN) The comments of Sony regarding the deal raise specific concern. Sony acknowledges that each game is competing for engagement and says that there aren’t any triple-A publisher could develop a franchise that could compete with Activision as well as Call of Duty, which is described as”a “gaming category” all of its own. Call of Duty cannot be substituted or surpassed and is so well-liked that it affects the choice of consoles according to the company’s website.

    Sony is also concerned about subscription services , such as Game Pass, after its own Playstation Plus service decided not to provide first-party games at the launch. Sony believes that such services are “anti-competitive” towards publishers who make money from games through the sale of them upfront similar to itself. The company says this could lower gaming quality.

    However, similar to Call of Duty, Sony states that it will be a long time for a rival in the form of Game Pass to emerge. The company also says it is Call of Duty is an “important revenue stream” for Playstation which is among the biggest for Sony from a third-party publisher.

    Of of course, Sony has its own acquisition to be concerned about as well since it recently purchased Destiny 2 developer, Bungie. For all the news in continuing Activision Blizzard lawsuits, this article can help you keep up.