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Sea Dogs: To Each His Own – Ship Stats Editing Guide

    Are you wondering why your flying Dutchman isn’t as swift as legends claim? Are you frustrated trying to maneuver your battleship against the wind with 0.5 knots? This guide will help you edit your ship’s stats throughout gameplay, making your flying dutchman as swift as meifeng. Also, it makes your meifeng fragile as tough like the hms victory.

    Editing the ship’s stats prior beginning the game

    Important: back up each file you wish to modify!

    It’s not that important, because steam can test the integrity of the file.


    Essential tools:

    • Notepad++
    • Can read English
    • Patience

    This is the most straightforward method to accomplish it. Much easier than doing it once you begin your game. Because the game creates every ship based on BASIC ship’s stats. If you change these basic stats of the ship, when the game creates a brand different ship, the game will be based on the altered ship stats(with some chance). This means that it won’t apply if you wish to modify the ship that you already have, since it already was generated. It should however perform during a game but you’re not yet able to obtain the desired ship, or the specific ship isn’t created yet.

    Use a notepad++(download it online if you dont have it) to open Sea Dogs To Each His Own\PROGRAM\ships\ships_init.c


    The statistics here are simple, and should you wish to alter the dutchman who is flying, simply look up “flying” using Ctrl+F. You will see this:

    it’s quite simple if are able to it’s pretty easy if you can read English it’s pretty easy, just alter the number you’d like to. This image is taken after I’ve already made a adjustments, only making it a little faster and more agile.


    It is important to mention:

    ***If you want to change the cannon number, change the total “refShip.CannonsQuantity” as well as the “refShip.rcannon”&etc below, “rcannon” means the cannon on the right side, the rest 3 values are pretty obvious. Make sure the numbers are equal to an overall number.

    ***If you want to change the wind direction angle, change the “refship.WindAgainstSpeed”, this number is the latter angle for your wind angle. For instance, here “0.7” means the ship will be able to maintain a wind angle of 109/70 degree(Ive changed it before). The original flying Dutchman had this number at 0.45 with the wind angle was around 56 degrees.


    ***So if you want your flying dutchman sails like meifeng, change the “refShip.SpeedRate” around 17, and “refship.WindAgainstSpeed” around 1.4, also the turnrate around 60.

    There are two flying Dutchman You’ll need to change two values.

    Some of the unique ship ID is not the name in game, for instance”meifeng”, for example “meifeng” actually have a name that is “mayfang”, so you must scroll through the file manually. Certain ships are simply identified as “quest_ship”


    The ship “meifeng” has a pretty poor name. It has the sound of the sound of a Chinese name. And in Chinese, “meifeng” has the same pronunciation as “windless”. If any captain does not want to have his ship stranded in a deep ocean that is windless and then start eating each other like the things in Mobby it is best to stay clear of that name.

    Editing a ship while playing the game

    It’s getting more complicated Your ship’s stats were already created through the gameplay, and you don’t need to go through the save file , which is in hex. What can you do? Brainstorming time!

    There’s already a way in the game to change the stats of your ship: upgrading in shipyards.


    Therefore, we have to look up the relevant codes and then see if could alter them in any way.

    What is the best way to find that information within all these documents? There has to be a reliable keyword. For me, I’ll go with “silk”

    BINGO! The codes that go with it are available.


    Sea Dogs To Each His Own\PROGRAM\dialogs\russian\Common_Shipyard.c

    Therefore, I’m editing the ship’s speed in the following example:

    search “ship_tunning_SpeedRate_complite”

    Note the numbers in the red circle. They are the changed numbers, not the ones in the original game.

    Do you want to ship to be faster than 5knt, what do you do? Include 5.0 in the code as that picture shows(1st as well as 2nd)


    The third value is wind angle. This is the line that explains that famous feature that increasing speed will increase your wind angle more favorable. If you wish that your vessel can sail more effectively against wind simply include 0.7 or 0.6 to the equation.

    But be cautious! If you set a significant value, your ship will be very slow downwind, and the wind angle can be much like something of a trade-off. For the battleships, like the flying Dutchman type add 0.2(20 degrees) to make the wind angle close to 75 degrees is a good amount.

    For turn-rate:


    search “ship_tunning_TurnRate_complite”:

    Enter the desired amount on the red the arrow.

    Are you worried that you might require additional crew? Change the + to the -/


    Want even less crew? alter *0.15 *0.15 to a greater number.

    For maximum crews:



    the same reasoning as above. however, I would suggest changing your “/5” divide by 5 at the end , rather than adding a number. Just switch”/5 “/5” to “/2” that means you’ll be able to have 50% more staff.

    Are you worried over losing HP? Look at this sentence:

    shTo.HP = sti(shTo.HP) – makeint(sti(shTo.HP) * 0.15)


    Change”-” to “-” to “+”, and then change the multiplier to 0.15 according to your preference

    There’s a little different for guns that are added I don’t know what the reasoning behind why every distinct ship(also certain normal ships) will be automatically equipped with an upgrade to the cargo bay that automatically blocks the upgrade of guns in the normal game. Perhaps the developers have particular concerns regarding upgrading guns? I would not recommend changing the gun’s number If you really would like to, here is an not-tested method, and I do not know if it is effective or not:

    searching “ship_c_quantity_complite”

    By adding your desired gun number on that blue arrow(must not be an odd number)

    Divide that number by two Add it to the blue the arrow. Because port and starboard require guns.


    After you have modified these files then go to the correspondent upgrade shipyard, and upgrade the ship. You should be able to achieve your desired statistics.

    If you’ve changed your ship

    If you’ve improved your ship’s statistics, what should you do?

    In the second part we observed that flags were being set. appears to

    “shTo.Tuning.SpeedRate = true”

    We cannot alter this flag to be “true” here, since in your saving, this flag is already set to be true.

    Then we alter the way so that the game can’t recognize this flag:

    Find “Tuning.SpeedRate” untill you find this:

    This is the file that has been changed. the file. Just ensure your code is as follows by adding “//” to the top of both lines and adding a “ok = 1;” Don’t forget” “;”

    This is the case for improving wind angle and speed and wind angle, the rest of the examples are exactly the same.

    Following this, you’ll be able to upgrade your ship at any time So, just follow the second part to alter the numbers.

    Additionally, you can alter your ship’s stats using this method to look like a real cheater: Just don’t do the second section, which means you can continue to upgrade to achieve your desired levels, but this could cost you a lot of precious resources.