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Samsung Pay stopped working on mobile phones of some kind

    Contrary to Apple Pay, which is a different service Apple Pay service, which is only available to smartwatches or iPhones Google as well as Samsung Pay mobile payment are able to be utilized on non-profit devices including mobile devices that are made by Google or Samsung and also other brands. That was at least up to a few months ago.

    However, reddit and Samsung forum both complained about the error when they attempted to sign into their Samsung Pay account in a third-party phone, and were told the ID they used was not valid. But the majority of users are using smartwatches such as Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4. Galaxy Watch 4.

    According to reports, many users have discovered that the issue was caused by changing their phone number after they attempted to setup Samsung Pay on that device.


    Some users say that upon calling the service the representative from the company signed up their account, while others claim that the Samsung representative they were able to contact stated it was because Samsung Pay doesn’t support third-party smartphones any longer.

    It’s probably a technical issue that will be rectified shortly, as should Samsung did not really choose to stop Samsung Pay for smartphones from third parties it could have been announced prior to the time.