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Roblox Islands New Void Items update log and patch notes

    The latest Roblox Islands update adds many new features such as quests, mobs, modifications, and bug fixes to the game. Roblox Islands has released the latest Void Items update on August 20th in 2022! In this patch, you’ll find many different modifications and bug fixes have been made to the game experience. They should help to resolve any issues you might have encountered and help you discover new things to play with within the game.

    You can read the official patch notes here for the update. The notes were made available on the Islands Discord, the official channel..

    New Tool: Void Mattock

    • A 2-in-1 multi-tool includes both the pickaxe and ax.
    • Get the mattock hilt in the Serpent’s egg after you defeat the boss.

    New Crop: Void Parasites

    • Find these plants that are parasites within the Void Isles and start your own farming farm of parasites!
    • You’ll have a slight chance of receiving empty seeds to put onto your islands!

    New Fish: Void Fish

    • Get these rare fish going fishing on the Void Isles!

    New Boss Pet: Void Serpent Pet

    • Get this cute, yet terrifying pet by getting a serpent’s egg!

    New Privacy Mode

    • The privacy settings were added in the permissions menu to block anyone from joining
    • This won’t work on private servers or servers published on

    Misc Changes

    • Fixed spinning attack glitch that applies to all weapons and tools
    • Quest dialogue was changed to utilize the system of dialogue in islands
    • Fixed diamond nodes that spawn at least once after the defeat of Kor
    • Buffed Void Serpent has ascended buffed creature that scales the number of players within the zone
    • Plowing grass that is not cultivated will alter it to normal grass after plowing again
    • You are now able to sell items that have a void connection in the Void Isles to Larry within the Void Isles

    Crop Market News
    Rice prices have increased! (24 – 30)
    The price of lemons has dropped! (20 – 15)

    The farmer Cletus has been heard recently to be whispering about the price of wheat.

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