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Roblox BedWars New Items update log and patch notes

    The latest Roblox BedWars update includes various new features such as balance adjustments as well as items and many bugs fixed to the game.

    Roblox BedWars New Items update log and patch notes

    It is the BedWars New Items update that has been made available in Roblox BedWars from September 2, 2022! In this patch, players will discover a variety of improvements, and bug fixes are made to improve the game experience. They should help to resolve any issues you might have encountered and help you discover new things to play around with.

    Take a look at this bedwars command list post to find out all the commands that are available within the game! The complete list of the patch’s official information on Discord is below.

    Become a Pirate!

    Ahoy Mateys! You can now be a pirate for the price of 20 Iron. Being a pirate grants you three new items that are exclusive to the game.

    • Pirate Flag: Occasionally, finds nearby items that have been dropped
    • Pirate Telescope: Gives close allies with enhanced projectiles
    • Pirate Shovel: Dig up enemy blocks to mine treasure

    Pirate Event Shop

    • 3 New Titles
    • 1 New Animated Emote
    • 2 New Image Emotes
    • 1 New Kill Effect

    Pirate Event Missions Reset
    They have reset their missions and will be automatically issued on a weekly/daily timetable.

    Hannah (mini rework!)
    Hannah’s style has been slightly altered to include her primary mechanic which is Execute.

    • Hannah’s base execute threshold was increased (20 percent HP – 25 percent HP)
    • Hannah is now able to chain executes. The threshold for killing is increased to 6% HP each consecutive execution up to 3 (43 percent HP). Execute combos decay after 8 seconds without the need to execute anyone.
    • Hannah’s max HP was reduced (from 100 HP to 90 HP)

    Free Kits This Week

    • Conqueror (FIRST TIME FREE!)
    • Archer
    • Builder

    New Maps

    • Added Canopy Sanctuary (squads + duos)
    • Added Clock Tower (squads)
    • Added Firehouse (squads)

    Balance Changes

    • Builder Nerf The reinforced blocks aren’t blast-proof anymore (they still have a good amount from blast resistance)
    • Spirit Catcher Nerf: The cost of the Spirit increases (35 iron to 40 iron)
    • Zephyr Nerf Wind orbs degrade faster (65s and 55s)
    • Metal Detector Nerf: Diminished resource gains by 15 percent
    • Conqueror Nerf: Heal Banner’s healing per second decreased (10 percent between 8% and 10%))
    • Ares Nerf Spear price increased (30 iron 40 iron)
    • Barbarian Buff: Unlock the iron and stone sword slightly more quickly
    • Reaper Buff Increased healing for souls (18 to 22)
    • Dino Tamer Buff: Dino cost reduced (40 iron – 32 iron)
    • Baker Buff Baker Buff Pie duration has been increased (1.5m 2m)
    • Merchant Marco Buff: Start the game with 10 irons
    • Farmers Cletus Buff: The melons of today increase in size by 15%.
    • Melody Buff: Guitar price reduced (20 iron – 16 iron)
    • Lucia Buff Lucia Buff: Increased Pinata resources 15% for all stages

    Other Changes

    • The tennis racquet and balls were removed from the shop
    • Fixed shop purchases that bypass stack size limitations
    • Corrected Barbarian Kit rage Meter isn’t expanding