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Raft Unlock Characters Guide

    Raft Unlock Characters – Elaine. Johnny. Tala. & Shogo. – Requirements & Locations – Locations for the 4 new playable characters added to Raft


    Guide to Raft Unlock Characters – Locations

    The 4 new Raft characters are now available. Rala, Johnny and Shogo are now playable characters. All you need is their location and the ability to interact with them. We will show you where to find them.



    Requirement: Read the entire story.

    How to unlock Elaine


    Requirement: Read the entire story.

    How to unlock Johny? Go to Balboa Island and look for a tower. You must climb to locate him in bed


    Requirement: Read the entire story.


    How to unlock Tala? She’s in the Radio Tower. Go up to the top floor to find her next to a Radio.


    Requirement: Read the entire story.

    How to unlock Shogo? You can find him at the underground research facility located on Temperance Ice Island

    Guide to Raft Unlock Characters – Video Guide

    These are the instructions, so you should already know how to find them. However, if you still have trouble finding Elaine, Tala or Shogo, this SeeShell Gaming video will help you locate the characters.

    About Raft

    Your mission is to survive an epic oceanic adventure through a dangerous sea, either by yourself or with your friends. You will need to collect debris in order to survive. Then, you’ll have to build your raft and sail towards dangerous and forgotten islands.

    Players are trapped on a small boat with only a hook made from old plastic. They wake up in a vast blue ocean, completely alone, with no land to see. Survival will be difficult for those with a dry throat, and an empty stomach.

    Raft is a fun adventure that you and your friends can embark on together. The goal of Raft is to keep you alive, collect resources, and build a floating home worthy for survival.

    At sea, resources are hard to find. Players will need to ensure that they catch any debris floating by using their hook and, when possible, to scour the reefs below the waves and islands above. But, hunger and thirst are not the only dangers in the ocean. Be on the lookout for man-eating sharks that will end your voyage.