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Project Slayers Discord Server Link

    Project Slayers Discord Server Link: The Link, how you can verify, and everything you need to know about the Discord Channel


    Project Slayers Discord Server Link- The Link



    FAQ – How do I verify in Project Slayers Discord

    You must be verified in order to access all content on Discord. This is similar to almost all Roblox games. It’s possible that it failed to work after you tried it. This is because it was not working in the first days and there were many people trying to connect. We’ll show you the steps to take, but please be calm.

    1. Connect with Bloxlink – If you are on many Roblox gaming Discord channels you might already have it. But in case you don’t have it, you should verify your account here: To verify your identity, it will ask you for your Roblox username and other information such as your telephone number. It works with many other Roblox games.
    2. /verify
    3. Accept the conditions and follow the instructions to complete the process

    It may take longer if you are verifying for the first time on discord. It is easy if you are a regular. It’s possible to get it now if you haven’t had it working for a while.

    You must first be verified before you can talk. There are several levels of access and permissions once you have been verified. To find out which level you require for each item, please refer to the “information” section. Because you have either level 0 (or 1), you won’t be able speak on every channel once you have been verified.

    FAQ – How do you talk in Project Slayers Discord

    Project Slayers Discord Server link – About

    There are very few exceptions to the rule that discord channels don’t have guides. If you need them, Trello or pages like this one will provide you with the main guides.

    Discord is the place where Roblox game creators notify users of the latest news such as updates to the Update Log and gift codes. The creators also allow players to vote for the content they want in future updates. This is the best way to keep up-to-date on your favorite games


    If you’re interested, there are often job opportunities posted. Discord is a common place for developers to search for translators or developers.

    Although it’s not the most entertaining section, we recommend that you visit the Rules section. There are rules within the channel that you must follow and they can ban you if you violate them.