Prime Gaming and Pokemon Go – July

Prime Gaming and Pokemon Go – July. There are more gifts to be had with Amazon Prime Gaiming, if you’re Amazon Prime, come in and get yours!

Prime Gaming and Pokemon Go

The partnership of Prime Gaming and Pokemon GO continues.


Sixth and last pack available and includes

  • 30 Poke Balls
  • 5 Revive Max
  • 3 Golden Berries

To obtain them, you need follow the link to sign up as an Amazon Prime user and claim the discount code:

July & August Events

Through the entire period of the season, we’ll enjoy various events that focus on the latest updates to Pokemon Go, which will delight us. Make sure you write it down! Bookmark our website and check it out periodically to stay informed and be aware of all the latest events happening within Pokemon Go. Below you will find a list of events. To find out more information, click the hyperlink “click here” in the related event.

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