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Pokemon GO Johto Prep Rally event

    Pokemon GO Johto Prep rally event. Celebrate the Pokemon GO Johto Tour with us! You’ll find new bonuses, pokemon, research, and much more!


    Pokemon GO Johto Prep rally event. Keep checking our pokemon events schedule to ensure you don’t miss any information about Pokemon


    Pokemon Go Johto Prep Rally event Intro

    Are you ready to take part in the Pokemon Go Tour: Johto! To have enough Pokeballs for the Johto event, you will need to prepare. The objective of this mini-event is to get as many pokeballs as possible.

    Niantic has a surprise for you. The missions and pokemon that will emerge in the wild will be pokeball-shaped, such as Hisui’s Voltorb and Hisui’s Electrode, and other Pokemon.

    Pokemon GO Johto Prep Rally Event – Event Bonuses

    Professor Willow discovered a Hisui Electrode that belonged to a pokemon from the Hisui region in the game Pokemon Legends.

    • Poke Balls will be brought to you by your friends as gifts

    Field Research Tasks

    When you complete your field research tasks, the following gifts will be available

    • Poke Balls
    • Super Balls
    • Ultra Balls

    Timed Research

    The event will feature investigations that focus on finding more Poke Balls.


    Wild Pokemons

    Wild Pokemons

    • Voltorb
    • Voltorb Hisui
    • Koffing
    • Marill
    • Wailmer
    • Solosis
    • Foongus

    Sometimes, these will be:

    • Jigglypuff
    • Electrode
    • Amoonguss
    • Stunfisk Galarian


    • One Star Raids – Misdreavus/Sneasel/ Galarian Zigzagoon/ Baltoy/ Espurr
    • Three-Star Raids: Rhydon / Mawile / Dusclops / Druddigon
    • Five-Star Raids: Deoxys Normal / Deoxys Attack / Deoxys Defense / Deoxys Speed
    • Mega Raids: Mega Ampharos

    Egg Hatching

    • 7 km eggs: Shuckle – Slugma – Darumaka – Scraggy – Litleo
    • 2km eggs: Poliwag- Bellsprout- Swinub- Meditite- Barboach- Swablu- Bunnelby
    • 5 km eggs: Onix – Azurill – Happiny – Munchlax – Snover – Froakie – Hippopotas
    • 10 km eggs: Audino – Darumaka – Mienfoo – Rufflet – Espurr – Goomy – Noibat
    • Adventure Sync Rewards > 5 km eggs: Cranidos – Shieldon – Frillish – Skrelp – Clauncher – Dedenne
    • Adventure Sync Rewards > 10 km eggs: Dratini – Bagon – Beldum – Riolu – Deino – Noibat

    Seasonal Benefits

    • IncentHigher effectiveness for Incense when stationary or moving.
    • Remote Raids – Higher damage for Pokemon who participate in remote raids.
    • PokeStop: Gifts Guaranteed from PokeStop spins
    • Candy – One more Pokemon Candy for trading Pokemon
    • Candy XL – Guaranteed Candy XL for trading Pokemon

    Pokemon GO Johto Prep Rally event – New Avatar Items and Stickers as well as Bundles

    Both before and after the event will be open:

    • Bolifacio costume (the most iconic character of the Pokemon League in Galar).