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Persia Remake hasn’t been canceled yet, but again has been postponed

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    Persia Remake hasn’t been canceled yet, but again has been postponed


    The remake of Prince of Persia was postponed yet again. While Ubisoft confirms that progress has been made on the project however, the studio has been modified.



    The re-imagining of the sand from this time has been still in development for a long time, and has not been released whatsoever. We had previously reported an alteration in the developer, which caused the delay.

    Then, Ubisoft removed the game from several stores, including GameStop and Amazon which forced the publisher to acknowledge the delay as a matter of fact. Due to the initial fears of a delay in development. But this isn’t the situation.


    The report says that we’re extremely satisfied with the work done through Ubisoft Pune as well as Ubisoft Mumbai. Mumbai. Additionally, Ubisoft Montreal will benefit from their expertise and their new team will continue to efforts to create a fantastic remake. This result did not target an 303-year release, the game was removed from the list.

    For a long time the French publisher believed that Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake was due to be released in the end of April in 2023. But, following the previous delays, people who are interested need to wait for the book to be released.

    According to Ubisoft that all customers who want to cancel their order are able to contact their retailers. The French publisher’s assurance that the game’s development continues independently.

    If customers want to cancel their pre-order they can contact the retailer, as per Ubisoft. As time goes on the game will be able to follow your progress.

    More information about Ubisoft:

    The delay is likely to happen soon after the project is moved from Pune and Mumbai to Ubisoft Montreal out of the Ubisoft studios in Pune and Mumbai and Mumbai, which will not have any impact on the development. Below, you can view an untitled film that hasn’t yet been named for the remake to come the trailer.

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