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NORN9 Var Commons Sakuya Walkthrough

    NORN9 Var commons Sakuya walkthrough – Complete Sakuya’s route to unlock the Happy Ending or Tragic Love Ending

    NORN9 Var Commons Sakuya – Happy Ending

    These steps will help you unlock the happy ending.

    • Prologue:
      • Find a room with Mikoto
      • Hiyoko
      • Follow them
    • Heroine: Mikoto
    • 1. Chapter
      • There are no other options
    • Chapter 2
      • Get it
      • You can watch (Hiyoko Channel 8).
    • Third Chapter
      • Apologize
      • Grab the other spoon
      • Forget about the candy!
      • It would be a loss for me.
    • Fourth Chapter
      • Express your deepest feelings
      • Keep his power secret
    • SAVE! SAVE!
    • Fifth Chapter
      • Do not bother looking for clues
      • I would love to be with you
      • Please remain
    • 6th Chapter
      • Third floor
      • (Timed)
      • Sakuya’s Future

    NORN9 Var Commons Sakuya Walkthrough- Alternative Endings

    Sakuya has an alternative route. Here’s the guide:

    Tragic love ending

    • Load the 1st Savings
    • Fifth Chapter
      • Look for clues
    • 6th Chapter
      • First floor
      • (Timed) Nope
      • The case of the traitor

    You have successfully completed Sakuya’s route and are now able to unlock the two endings (Happy and Tragic love).

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