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Home » My Time at Sandrock Jasmine Guide – Gifts & Romance

My Time at Sandrock Jasmine Guide – Gifts & Romance

    My Time at Sandrock Jasmine Guide – Gifts

    Gifts that add value, loved and liked gifts are the best.


    Jasmine’s treasured gifts

    You can get +10 to +20 Jasmine relationship points from loved gifts

    • Display of Armor
    • Cheese Sandwich
    • Diamond
    • Flag Waving Astronaut Model
    • Harmonica
    • Honey Sambo
    • Model of an Inflated Astronaut
    • Meowses II Statue
    • Mushroom Forest
    • Retro Fan
    • Rusty Robot
    • Stegosaurus Skeleton Model

    Jasmine likes gifts

    You can get +5 to +9 Jasmine relationship points by giving loved gifts.

    • Around the World in As Many Days as Possible
    • Banana-Orange Gelatin
    • Budding Brooch
    • Cooking Master
    • Fluorite
    • Fruit Salad
    • Full Moon Bracelet
    • Growing Guide
    • Journey to the East
    • Melon Mousse
    • Milk Chestnut
    • Opal
    • Pioneer
    • Rosestone
    • Sand Jujube Cake
    • Shiny Scorpion
    • Topaz
    • Yakmel Doll
    • Yakmel Hat

    Jasmine’s neutral gifts

    You can get love gifts from +1 to 4 Jasmine relationship points

    Jasmine will accept any gifts that are not included in the guide.


    Jasmine’s Favorite Gifts

    You can get love gifts that will increase your Jasmine relationship points by -1 to 4 Jasmines

    • Bassia Potion
    • Bitter Beans
    • Bronze Scrap
    • Coffee Beans
    • Copper Scrap
    • Eyedrop
    • Fang Special
    • Fang Special X
    • Golden Bell Pill
    • Heatstroke Medicine
    • Hemostat
    • Iron Muscle Soup
    • Lavender Extract
    • Orchid Extract
    • Sand Flower
    • Stone Scrap
    • Strong Medicine
    • Tea Leaves
    • Thunderweed Extract
    • Wood Scrap
    • Yellow Lavender

    Jasmine’s Hated Gifts

    You will receive love gifts from – 5 Jasmine relationship points

    • Astronomical Telescope
    • Dregs
    • Food scraps
    • Manure
    • Jeans for Old
    • Ruined Cloth
    • Ruined Glass
    • Ruined Paper
    • Unlabelled Medicine

    My Time at Sandrock Jasmine Guide – Romance

    Romance allows players to date, and then marry any suitable marriage candidate, regardless if they are male or female. All characters are not eligible to be romanced.


    Jasmine, the Sandrock delivery girl and the daughter of Mayor Trudy. Jasmine offers to take the player on a tour of Sandrock the day after they arrive.

    Jasmine can be friended. You can give gifts to Jasmine until you improve the relationship.

    • Birthday Winter 18 (Give her gifts every day, but especially on this date)
    • Where can I find Jasmine? You can find her running through the town. Also, you will find him at the Town Square
    • Perks 
      • Buddy – Sometimes, send gifts by mail to your friend.