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Morbheads Keep Morbius on Twitter while The movie continues to fly on

    This was what we did, dubbs. We tricked a major studio into spending huge amounts of money to open a theater where Morbius would be portrayed. Sony’s attempts to increase Morbius memes popularity have stalled. The comic book movie has failed for the second time.

    Now, we were able to speak with the executives who made this simple mistake and Morbius was still out of Twitter. It’s true, because the movie is highly marketed, it remains a popular film and continues to be one of the most talked about films in the world.


    Memes are the Internet’s most wholesome people.

    Apart from the Morb memes, I didn’t notice that Morbius’s Twitter wins mostly because of the movie’s continued failure to succeed. It’s clear that Sony was outwitted by a bunch of shitposters. Everyone wins now.

    Sony didn’t expect this, it’s obvious. The studio was so certain that the new theater would turn the film’s fortunes around, that Jared Leto was allowed to promote it via his social media. Leto even revealed a fake script for Morbius 2: Morbin’ Time. Leto is simply shitposting about him for not being a good enough box office performer.

    He is only in theaters for about a day in America, but it seems possible to take out Saturday and Sunday concerts for Friday’s sloppy show. It’s always a good day. We are not home for the first cinemas. To give you an example, Morbius was completely bodied by Everything Everywhere at once and Sonic 2. These two movies have been seen in theatres for a while, and can be viewed in the privacy of their homes.

    It’s something I cannot wait to see as much as you do. Sony fell asleep, and then turned around. It’s over.