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Mermaid City Walkthrough

    Mermaid City Walkthrough – Complete the game with our assistance in under 10 minutes


    Mermaid City Walkthrough: 10 Steps

    Complete Mermaid City in just 10 steps


    1- Air conditioner control: Click the controller to change the heat setting and turn on the power.

    2- Phone – Use the phone to contact Donna

    3- Hotdog: Pick up your hot dog at the counter.

    4- Souvenir shop: Go outside, and talk to the shopkeeper. He will give you one item free of charge, and then you can take the bucket.

    5- Lamppost ad: Click on the ad taped to the lamppost on the right.


    6- Magnifying Glass: Click on the trash can to your left and grab the magnifying glasses.

    7- Fuel Pump: Go to the station and use the bucket at the pump.
    8- Super Pocket Knife: Go inside the shop. Buy one Super Pocket Knife 2000 and then go to the bathroom. Then, use your pocket knife to tie the rope.

    9- Bucket and Rope : Go back to the hotdog stand, call Mark, then use your bucket with the rope. Next, place the bucket on Buster’s nail. The fuel-soaked rope will be attached to the bucket. Also, make sure you have the magnifying glasses on the rope.

    10 – Miss MotherGoodHeart: Get back in your chair and call miss MotherGoodHeart.

    Video Guide

    Follow this video walkthrough by MouseCityGames if you are unsure about any of these steps: