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League of Legends healing nerfs are in the works

    League of Legends’ healing system has been one of the most controversial issues, however Riot intends to address this issue in the coming patches

    League of Legends healing nerfs are in the works

    Since the durability upgrade with the durability update, League of Legends’ healing has been a hot subject. With each LoL champion becoming more naturally healthy, and the nerfing of serious injuries, healing is deemed excessive by most of the player base. When you face the likes of Aatrox following patch 12.13 and with no apparent playable ability can be frustrating.

    In the July 30 blog post, by designer Matt ‘Phroxzon Leung-Harrison, he has discussed the healing issue, and certain changes mentioned throughout. “Satisfying healing mechanics are typically frustrating for opponents to play against”, Matt begins the blog post “Watching an opponent burst heal through your damage output and survive is typically a frustrating experience.”

    The article explains how Riot planned to have champions who carry healing as their persona (think Mundo, Aatrox, Soraka and etc.) and those who use it as an added feature (Nami, Irelia). Matt discusses a situation that the durability update and the nerfing of devastating injuries have resulted in an opponent like Irelia who can block nearly all the damage done by an opponent simply acting aggressively, rather than using her W abilities to limit some harm to stay alive.

    For any other player than Irelia mains, this won’t be an ideal experience for gamers and often leaves players feeling completely helpless in the confronting of their formidable adversary. Matt continues to say that even though they think that the healing element is an inherent an enjoyable gameplay element but there are some outliers who may take too much benefit from this, and thereby altering the essence of these champions.

    The healing of grievous wounds is being treated in a bizarre manner after the last patch that have seen their effectiveness reduced, however healing has increased all over all. This means that the rush of something similar to an Oblivion Orb has become a routine event on the Summoner’s Rift however with less gain. The players are frustrated having to purchase something that does not work like it did previously – making certain champions have less scope and less room for invention in their own designs.

    Beginning from Patch 12.14, Riot is planning to “taking down some of these outlier healing cases and will continue to adjust healing to be more in line with designer and player expectations.” So, don’t be worried about that Irelia monster on the upper lane will not be bringing players back every 10 secs, for much longer!