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LCK 2022 Mid-Season Roster Shuffle before Summer Split

    Following the completion of the 2nd phase of the MSI program in the LCK, the LCK is currently making plans for a summer break and will have more work to be done during the spring. It was an incredibly quiet midseason, particularly in the LCK and is likely one of the most peaceful regions. Let’s take a look at the LCK rosters to examine how things progressed.



    The LCK hasn’t changed their lineup for the season. There have been some changes to their coaching staff, or even included a few newcomers but that’s it. In the end, it’s time to leave.

    With the exception of a brief overview and brief review, the players won’t be able to announce their roster until the very first time they have entered the final round. Official announcements are supported with all of the information. New entries will be prominently highlighted.


    • Upcoming: Kingen.
    • Herm, Pyosik – the jungle.
    • At mid: Zeka
    • ADC: Deft/Taeyoon: Deft/Taeyoon.
    • Support: BeryL

    Following a fairly solid Spring break, which ended with a 4th place finish There were no changes on the DRX lineup. Do you want to know whether DRX is able to stay on the right track and make it to the top three spots in the playoffs?


    • Bottom: Nuguri/Burdol.
    • The snow is a snow, with snow.
    • ShowMaker: noon: noon.
    • ADC: deokdam.
    • Support: Kellin

    DWG Kia is the team that made media attention throughout the break between seasons. The team was on the move Wednesday. Nuguri came back to DWG Kia, and reconnected along with Canyon as well as ShowMaker. Although the top laner’s performance was not very impressive in the LPL I am certain that he’ll fare better in his home league. Is that enough to allow him to return to the top of the pile? It’s not too late to make a decision.


    • Top: Morgan/Sw0rd
    • Kindle: UmTi
    • Midnight: Lava
    • ADC: Hena
    • Security: Destruction: Helplessness.

    For Fredit BrION, who’s not anticipating a surprise top-six finish in spring, nothing would have occurred. I’m certain that he’s the one to be watching for. He’s been viewed as the weak point in Hanwha Life He’s now beginning to prove he’s worthy of being part of a BS team.


    • Hertfordshire
    • Young yuckles and Lorry Peanut/Yong Joobs.
    • Midway: Chovy
    • ADC is a judge.
    • Aid: Hemens.

    Gen. G will join the same team this summer, following his role as the only player to match the T1 of the champions. It will be interesting to see how the meta can benefit the team? Because ADC is going to have more to say and we all are aware of the power of Ruler?



    • Top: DuDu.
    • Hermitage: On-Fleek/Willer?
    • Karlis: Midnight.
    • ADC: SamD
    • Support: Vsta

    It would have been a shame to not see any adjustments to the HLE team, even in the event that we did not see anything wrong with the current lineup, even before being last. We’re not expecting anything better from this team. They’ll be finished in the summer’s end as well.


    • Go: Rascal
    • Iveh: Cuzz/GIDEON
    • Mid: Aria/VicLa, etc.
    • ADC: Aiming
    • Soutien: Life.

    KT Rolster missed Playoffs in the spring with the appearance of something that looked promising on paper. They must make more energy and use their ADC in order to get to where they want.


    • Kiin
    • Islay: Elmo York.
    • After midnight: FATE: FATE.
    • “Toleo/Teddy”.
    • Hoit/Moham

    KDF has brought in a brand new player named Moham 19. I’m not expecting her to be active, given Hoits is in a position that she has not yet however, he may contribute to the team.


    • Soup: Canna
    • Danger: Frightening of God!
    • Wh.
    • Ghost: ADC: Avatar.
    • Support: Peter/Most effort

    Although nongshim being among the worst players of the LCK the LCK, he crafted the team at a minimum based on paper at the very least, a playoffs team.

    The team welcomed the new coach in the mid-season. After having worked for a variety of teams including Turkey and the CS2 team, The EG as well as Team Vitality, Ireaan might be just what they need to get better from their eighth-place finish in spring.



    • Top: Lean against the wall
    • Chicken is exactly the same as a chicken.
    • Get a little clozer!
    • ACD: Prince/Envyy.
    • Help: Kaei

    The only change to this LSB team is that of top player Howling. Because Doves did not take into account his position as a top laner throughout his career, I’m guessing there were no opportunities for him which led me to make the decision to leave the team. However, this will not affect the potential of the team. If not, they’ll be likely to be in the bottom third of the pack.


    • Top: Zeus
    • Jungle: Oner
    • Mid: Cheers:
    • ADC: Gumayusi
    • Support: Keria/Asper

    If they’re as had hoped for T1 will not change their roster. The rematch with the MSI finals was awe-inspiring: they are able to compete against the top teams around the globe. There is no team that will ever alter their winning formula, particularly considering the fact that they were dominant during spring.

    In the end T1’s weakness was resolved at MSI but I wouldn’t believe that Faker and his crew to have another flawless split. But, Im also pretty sure that they’ll be competing at Worlds.