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Last Call BBS – The Forbidden Path Metrics and Histograms

    This is a description of the way that the measures in The Forbidden Path work.


    The Forbidden Path was sticking out for me because it appeared to lack metrics or histograms.

    EXCEPTI Just noticed that it works. This guide will clarify what I’ve learned about the metrics and the ratings that your application receives within The Forbidden Path.




    On the right hand side just below the outline of your objective, right over the button, there are some odd symbols. These are not only to add visual appeal, but actually useful.

    If we focus in and look closely, we can see the 2 lines that are at the bottom are in fact similar and comprise of the same symbol which is colored with either dark or light red.

    What does it mean to them?

    Based on this scenario, I’m assuming that the top line represents your code’s performance of the number of instructionsyou have performed as well as the lower one of the number of cyclesyour code uses (although I’m not entirely sure about the second line).

    If we look at this image of the initial level, we will be able to see the practice An example of a soultion with five steps

    and a solution with only 4 instructions


    If we zoom in on the button and the lines the difference will be clearer:

    4 lines —————————————– 5 lines

    As you are able to see the number of light symbols change based on the number of lines of code we have used. Every one of the notch (loop along the line half of the hight of the line, rotating to and down) represents one specific instruction.

    Also , the look of the button can be altered by certain lines not being present in the worst solution.