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Home » Kamiwaza: The Thyself’s story is going to be launched October 13 in Japan

Kamiwaza: The Thyself’s story is going to be launched October 13 in Japan

    The Stealth Storygame Kamiwaza – Way of the Thief will be available for PlayStation 4 or Switch in Japan on October 13th, at 4400 yen retail and 390 yen through download.

    Kamiwaza: The Way of the Thief will arrive via NIS America this fall.


    Only the most difficult people lived on the streets of Mikado. One man’s life would be forever changed by a failed heist.

    Kamiwaza, an amateur thief from Japan of the Japanese era, wants to steal from the wealthy and give back the poor. He witnessed his father’s involvement in the deaths of innocent civilians during his first term. Ainosuke is disturbed by the horrible display of violence and recommends Ebizo to meet the sole survivor of the event.

    Ebizo, Suzuna’s young daughter, lived a happy and fulfilled life a decade later. The illusion of security crumbled when Suzuna fell ill. Ebizo takes on the responsibility of buying Suzuna the medicine she needs. Ebizo is conflicted and forced to go back to Mikado’s underbelly. However, she vows to steal from the less fortunate to help those who are less fortunate.

    Are you ready to follow the path of honor even if it means being a thief or a hero? She has the option to choose.

    The Key Features

    • The Making of History Your future will be determined by your decisions as a thief. There are many compelling stories.
    • Fancy Footwork. You can use stealthy action to eliminate enemy detection and improve your reputation.
    • Family first. What would you do for those you love? This heartwarming story can help you build friendships.

    Other Features

    • Enjoy the remastered PlayStation 2 version.
    • You can steal anything you see and slip past enemies without being noticed.
    • You should use your best evasive tactics to avoid detection by enemies. Don’t be afraid of being creative with your strategies.