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Kaiju Paradise Commands

    Kaiju Paradise Commands General, Toggle. Avatar. Health. Teleport. Other. Owner. Event. Item Commands


    Kaiju Paradise Commands – General Commands

    These are the General Commands.

    • Commands Help – :help,?cmd, and :cmds. – Display a list commands ingame
    • Gootrax Transform – :transform, :transfur, :tf [player] [gootrax name] – Transform into gootrax. You must have the gootrax unlock in the Bestiary
    • Kick — :kick [player] [reason]- Kick a player off the server.
    • Server Message — :announce [message] Announce a message to server

    Kaiju Paradise Commands – Toggle Commands

    These are the Toggle Commands.

    • Immunity [player] -?immune, or :immunity – Remove or grant player immunity tag. (If the tag is on, it can’t be infected by the player).
    • No Grab – :nograb, :antigrab – Give or remove player No Grab tag.
    • No Steal– :nosteal or :antisteal – Give or take player No Steal tag.
    • God Mode – :god, :invulnerable – Give or remove player Invulnerable tag.
    • Hostile– :hostile Give or Remove player Hostile tag
    • Ragdoll [player] [amount] Apply or reverse the ragdoll effects.

    Kaiju Paradise Commands – Avatar Commands

    These are the Avatar Commands.

    • Change Hat– :removehats, :removehats[player] – Clear the hats of a player
    • Give A Hat [player] [id] Give a hat to a player.
    • Change shirt – [player] [id] Change a player’s shirt ID.
    • Change Pants – :pants [player] [id] – Change a player’s pants ID.

    Kaiju Paradise Commands – Teleport Commands

    These are all the Teleport Commands.

    • Teleport To A Player– :to. :tp. :teleport [player]- Teleport To A Player.
    • Bring a Playmate – :bring [player]- Teleport a playmate to you.
    • Teleport to Player Silently. :sto (player) – Silently teleports to a player.
    • Silently Bring a Player -:sbring [player]- Silently teleport an opponent to you.

    Kaiju Paradise Commands – Health Commands

    These are the Health Commands.


    • Full health – [player] – Restore full health to a player.
    • Hurt Player – :hurt [player] [number]- Hurts a player by an amount.
    • Set Player’s Health – :health [player] [number]- Set a player’s health to a specific amount.
    • Kill a Playmate – [player] – Reset/Kill an opponent.
    • Refresh Player – :refresh [player]- Refresh player. (Resets them, teleports them to their spot).
    • Forcefield– :ff- Give a player an forcefield.
    • Remove Forcefield– :unff- Delete a player’s forefield.

    Kaiju Paradise Commands – Item Commands

    These are the Item Commands.

    • Give Item– :give [player] [item]- Give a specific item to a player.
    • Spawn With Item [player] – Allows a player to spawn using a particular item. Works with guns
    • Stop Spawning with Item [player] – A player cannot spawn with a particular item. Works with guns

    Other Commands

    These are the other commands:

    • Change Sixe– :size [player][amount]- Change a player’s size.
    • Freeze– :freeze–Freeze a player
    • Unfreeze — :unfreeze — Unfreeze any player.
    • Discordping – ping [player] – Makes a Discordping appear above their heads. You can multiply this number infinitely.
    • Fart — :fart [player]- Makes the player fart.
    • Festive Variants [player] -‘Changes some gootraxians to their festive variants. It gives humans and goos who don’t have any special festive variants a Santa hat.

    Events Commands

    These are the Event Commands.

    • Blackout Event – :>bo, :blackout [number] – Start a blackout event. You must have survived the entire event, from start to finish.
    • Poweroutage – :po. :poweroutage [number] Start a poweroutage. You must have survived the entire thing, from start to finish.

    Owner Commands

    These are the Owener Commands.

    • Vip Admin – :addvipadmin. :ava [player] – Designate someone as a VIP Admin. Allows them to use VIP Commands
    • Removing VIP Admin. -?removevipadmin. :rva. – ‘Revoke VIP Admin permissions to someone. (Stop them using VIP Commands