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Home » How to Hack Blooklet – Glixzzy Github Hacks (Updated July)

How to Hack Blooklet – Glixzzy Github Hacks (Updated July)

    Hacking Blooklet – Glixzzy Github hacks – This popular hacker gives you the best tools to hack Blooklet.


    Blooket allows teachers to create games for students to use in their game-based learning platform. You can host games for students using a generated ID, or you can assign games to students as homework.


    There are many cheats to increase your chances of winning in internet games and apps. We will show you how to get the best.

    How to Hack Blooklet – GitHub Hacks

    Gifthub hacks are very popular on Blooklet. This is thanks to Github user, glixzzy. He has been providing the best hacks for quite some time so we will show you how to use them.

    Blooket is now blocking hacker users. We recommend that you stop using them until there are better security.

    These are the steps for using glixzzy GitHub hacks.

      1. Open the GitHub
      2. Click (Click) to select a folder/mode
      3. You can follow our example by clicking on the global directory
      4. Click the link you choose:
        • Add Tokens
        • All Blooks in
        • All Answers Correct
        • Dupe Blooks
        • Spam open boxes
      5. Copy the codes from the previous links
      6. Visit a game room
      7. Copy the code (two ways)
        • Copy the code from the internet browser console (Ctrl+Shift+J).
        • Clear your address bar and type “javascript” in the search box. Copy the code and hit enter.
      8. Click OK
      9. Congratulations, your hack has become active

    If you need assistance with the steps of the glixzzy Github Hacklet Hack, check this video guide by Python & Gaming:

    Hacking Blooklet – How to Hack GitHub Tokens Cheat

    Another way to get as many tokens you want is:

    • Searn in Google School Cheats Blooket
    • Log in > Click “Global” > Then click “Add Tokens”.
    • Go to
    • Right-click to select “Inspect” > Click the “Console tab > Copy the code
    • Enter the number of tokens you wish to purchase and click on “OK”.
    • Refresh
    • Enjoy your tokens

    You can pick the hack you like best, but you won’t run out of tokens. It does however have a daily limit of 500 tokens.


    Glixzzy answers frequently asked questions about this hack. He is the author of some of the most well-received hacks for Blooklet.

    Question : The all-permanent blooks aren’t working!


    Answer: It was a joke.

    Question : Is it possible to get around the 500 token limit per day or change the reset timer timer timer time?

    Answer: Nope! It is server-side so it is impossible.

    Question – Can I create custom blook skins for my game?


    Answer: You can make your own custom Blooket blooks by grinding or using the addTokens Hack. However, uploading your custom blooks is currently not possible as all blooks must be uploaded to Blooket.

    Question: Ahhh! My account was blocked! Did I get banned for hacking Blooket?

    Answer: No, probably not. This is a bug that blocks you from accessing your account for a brief period of time. It is best to wait it out.

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