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How to Get Titanium in Astroneer

    How To Get Titanium In Astroneer – Find out how to make Titanium, what it is used for, and how you can get all the ingredients


    Titanium, a highly refined resource, is created in the Smelting Furnace. It requires Titanite and has a byte size of 425 bytes.


    How to get Titanium in Astroneer Source

    You cannot find titanium, so you will need to create it using the following recipe

    Recipe: x1 Titanite = x1 Titanium

    How do you create the Smelting Furnace

    Recipe: Smelting Furnace Module = Resin x2 + Compound

    Resin – Resin can be obtained using the Terrain tool on deposits that are found on all the Planets

    • The Soil Centrifuge makes 8 Resin and two full Soil Canisters
    • Trade Platform offers 2 Resin per Scrap, up to 8 total scraps for 8.

    Compound can be found on all planets using the Terrain Tool, with varying rarities on each planet


    • The Soil Centrifuge makes 8 Compound and two full Soil Canisters
    • Trade Platform offers 2 Compounds for each Scrap. Up to 8 total for 4 Scrap.

    How do I get Titanite?

    Titanite is what you should and can find.

    These planets can be found:

    • Vesania > Mountainous biome and Mantle layers
    • Glacio > Cave Layers

    Trade Platform offers 1 Titanite per 2 Scraps, or up to 4 total for 8 Scraps.

    Uses of Titanium in Astroneer: How to get it

    These are the items that use Titanium in their recipes.

    Small Printer Recipes


    All you need to create on the Small Printer.

    • Medium Storage Silo = Titanium x2

    Medium Printer Recipes

    All you can do with the Medium Printer and all the resources you will need.

    • Crane = Titanium + Silicone + Steel
    • Large Resource Canister = Titanium + Glass + Nanocarbon Alloy

    Chemistry Lab Recipes


    Everything you can make on the Chemistry Lab and all the resources you’ll require, plus Titanium

    • Titanium Alloy = Titanium + Graphene + Nitrogen