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GO Battle League Interlude Season – Pokemon Go

    GO Battle League Interlude season Pokemon Go. It will be held from March through May and will focus on battles in Pokemon GO.

    Go Battle League Season – PokemonGo – Intro

    Fantastic – GO Battle League Season – PokemonGo. It will begin on March 1st, and last for 3 months (almost all spring), before ending on June 1st.

    • Rewards of the previous season (Season 10): will be displayed on the Battles screen.
    • League ranks will be reset.
    • Requirements to increase in GBL: Do not change.
    • Rankings: Limited to rank 20 with no public rankings.

    Timed Research Ticket: Battle

    Niantic believes in the best trainers. That’s why the store offers a combat pass for free.

    The combat pass adds a timed search. You can get stardust from this investigation. Since you are completing missions, the more you fight, the more stardust will you earn.

    Go Battle League Interlude Season – PokemonGo – Schedule

    Before March 12,: Tournaments (whether leagues, cups or leagues) will begin at 10 p.m. and end at noon local time.

    Tournaments (either leagues, cups) will begin at 9:00 p.m. in local time and end at 1:00 pm.

    • March 1 – March 8
      • Great League
      • Johto Cup
    • March 8 – March 15
      • Ultra League
      • Ultra Premier Classic
    • March 15 – March 22
      • Master League
      • Love Cup
      • 3x Stardust from Win Rewards (this does NOT include End of Set rewards).
    • March 22 – March 29
      • Great League
      • Little Jungle Cup
    • March 29-April 5
      • Ultra League
      • Catch Cup
    • April 5-12
      • Master League
      • Halloween Cup
      • 3x Stardust rewards from win (this does NOT include end-of-set rewards).
    • April 12 -April 19
      • Great League
      • Little Cup
    • April 19-April 26
      • Ultra League
      • Retro Cup
    • April 26-May 3
      • Master League
      • Kanto Cup
      • 3x Stardust from Win Rewards (this does NOT include End of Set rewards).
    • May 3-10
      • Great League
      • Flying Cup
    • May 10-17
      • Ultra League
      • Element Cup
    • May 17-May 24
      • Master League
      • Master Premier Classic
      • 3x Stardust from Win Rewards (this does NOT include End of Set rewards).
    • May 24 – June 1
      • Great League
      • Ultra League
      • Master League

    GO Battle League Interlude season – Pokemon Go Battle Days

    During this Pokemon Go event, we will have Pokemon GO on certain days. Niantic will surprise you with certain pokemon. These pokemon will learn special attack techniques.

    GO Fighting Day: Seel

    Saturday, March 5th, from 00:00 to 23.59 local time

    Day in which you will receive a special reward: Seel how to learn featured attacking when evolves to Dewgong. You can also increase the maximum number sets, from 5 to 20 . This will allow you to do 100 fights on this day.


    • Saturday, March 5th, 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. local
    • Normal pass: The first reward match in each set will be Seel. All other prizes will remain the exact same.
    • All rewards with the premium pass will be with Seel


    • Evolve Seel > Dewgong who knows the Fast Attack Ice Shard
    • Evolve Seel > Dewgong who knows the Charged Attack Icy Wind


    Completion of a complete set and the trainer will be given the item ” Gladio’s Shoes“.

    Active Leagues

    • Great League
    • Johto League

    GO Battle Day: Beginner’s Paradise

    Sunday, April 17th, from 00:00 to 23.59 local time

    Day when the special reward is PX (experience), an avatar item. You can also increase the maximum number to 100 .


    This will provide a lot more experience than if you do your research in a timely manner.


    After completing a complete set, the trainer receives the ” Gladio’s Sweatshirt“.

    Active Cups

    • Great League
    • Little Cup

    GO Battle Day: Mega Stardust Surprise

    Sunday, May 29th, from 00:00 to 23.59 local time

    Based on stardust , the reward will be


    • Stardust for every victory
      Mega Surprise


    Completion of a set and the trainer will be awarded the item ” Gladio’s Pants“.

    Active Cups

    • Master League
    • Ultra League
    • Great League

    GO Battle League Interlude season – PokemonGo – Season Reward

    Get ranked up in Encounter

    • Crobat
    • Pikachu Libre (Shiny Pikachu Libre won’t be available)

    Standard Encounters

    • Starting at Rank 1
      • Clefairy
      • Misdreavus
      • Meditite
      • Drilbur
      • Pikipek
      • Yungoos
    • Starting at Rank 6
      • Porygon
      • Mienfoo
      • Rowlet
      • Litten
      • Popplio
    • Starting at Rank 11
      • Feebas
      • Cranidos
      • Frillish
      • Phantump
    • Starting at Rank 16
      • Larvitar
      • Scraggy
      • Rufflet
      • Rockruff
    • Starting at Rank 20
      • five-star Raid Boss

    Avatar Items

    We recommend that you do not miss out on other prizes, aside from the items for your avatar.

    • Rank 3: Free Pikachu mask.
    • Pose – Inspired by Team Skull’s accomplice (Gladio), which appeared in the Pokemon Sun, and Pokemon Moon games.
    • Rank 19 Elite Fast Attack MT + Charged MT (End-of-Season Reward)
    • 1st Prize Rank 20: Gladio Earrings
    • 2nd prize Rank 20 Gladio’s Shoes
    • 3rd Prize Rank 20: Gladio Pants
    • 4th prize Rank 20 – Gladio’s sweatshirt
    • Rank 20, 5th Prize, Gladio Animated Pose

    Important fact: The items can’t be duplicated. Trainers who have already earned the Gladio’s sweatshirt, pants, or shoes in the GO Battle day rewards won’t receive anymore.

    Other Events – The Season of Alola

    Alola Welcome > To learn more, Click here.

    Festival of Colors To learn more, Click here.

    Lush Jungle March 2022 > Pokemon: Fomantis, Lurantis & Tapu Lele. Click here to learn more.

    April Fools’ 2Oh?-22 > This day of jokes is Friday, April 1 and a mysterious, yet unnamed event will take place.

    All Hands Rocket Retreat >Team Rocket once again is the protagonist. Find out what happens! From Sunday, April 3 to Thursday, April 7. Be alert! Click here to learn more.

    Spring into spring > This spring event will take place from Tuesday, April 12 to Monday, April 18, 2022. It will be spring-themed and focus on the best spring Pokemon. has more information.

    Sustainability Week > The main themes of this event, which will take place from Wednesday, April 20 to Monday, April 25, will be sustainability and the environment. This sustainable theme will be represented by a very special Pokemon, and it is from the Alola area. Click here to learn more.

    Community Day

    Saturday, April 23, 2022 Stufful Community Day Click here.

    May Events

    Community Day >Saturday May 21st will be from Alolan Geodude. They will be more frequent in the wild! For more information on the Alolan Geodude Community Day , click here.

    Community Day Classic This event is not yet planned for May.

    A Mega Moment > All Pokemon that can Mega Evolve in the wild will be appearing more often until Saturday, May 1, 2022 at 8:00 PM local time. Mega-Kangaskhan’s Mega Raid Day will be held on Sunday, May 1st, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. local.

    To learn more, Click here.

    Pokemon Air Adventures > From Tuesday, May 3rd, through Sunday, May 8th. From Tuesday, May 3, through Sunday, May 8, the first Legendary Pokemon we can mega-evolve will be:

    • Mega-Latias
    • Mega-Latios

    To learn more, Click here.

    Water Festival > From Thursday, May 12 to Friday, May 20. Pokemon Go will show a significant increase in Water-type Pokemon.

    Alola To Alola > We will be able finish and end all events from Wednesday, May 25, through Tuesday, May 31 in order to access a Special Investigation.