Ghost Simulator Trivia Answers
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Ghost Simulator Trivia Answers

Ghost Simulator Trivia Answers – Gameplay Trivia Room, Lore Trivia Room & Development Trivia Room – Score 100%


Ghost Simulator Trivia Answers – Gameplay Trivia Room

These are the trivia answers for Gameplay Trivia room:

  • Ghost World does not have Board crates, but it does contain Pet Crates.
  • Ghost Hunter Billy is a reward from Wich NPC for using a particle accelerator
  • You can unlock the Hoverboard using 1M gems: GAMEBYTE
  • What was the Dino Event? To celebrate Bo’s Birthday
  • How many boards are displayed in the main hub board shop? 24
  • What number of bosses are currently in the game: 14
  • What pet crate is the Classified Prism found in? Pet Crate #6 Ghost World
  • There are 7 different pugs in the game.
  • How many acorns do you need to raise your antenna level 2? 3
  • The Backdoor: Vacuums and vacuum packs are not used in the world.
  • Rift Gun is the most rare Wich gun
  • What number of NPCs is required to rebirth once? 10
  • The following NPCs are the ones that do not award badges upon completion of their questline.
  • Pugdeer is the latest addition to the Pug Pets category
  • Bo is the ultimate boss of Ghost Simulator.

Ghost Simulator Trivia Answers – Lore Trivia Room

These are the trivia answers to Lore Trivia Room.

  • What was the first Ghost hunter BO event? Dino Event
  • Allie claims that Victor and Allie were the first to discover the Bo-ard.
  • Bo, a Ghost hunter dropped their vacuum the other day.
  • Rowan is Yoko’s sibling
  • Wich miniboss has foreign code: Anomaly
  • Wich NPC was sent by Blaze: Luna to spy on it
  • There is no way the Agents of Luna Clues can help you in Obbies.
  • How many masks does Gatekeeper have to wear? Two
  • Ghosts are: Aliens
  • Luna was the first NPC speaker on the BloxByte Discord Server.
  • Archie’s favourite puzzle: Nonograms
  • Blaze’s first pet: Bob
  • Agent Blaze loves burgers.
  • The Volcano rift to Ghost World was the 3rd
  • Wich NPC used work with developers: Bo

Ghost Simulator Trivia Answers – Development Trivia Room

These are the trivia answers to Development Trivia Room:

  • Ghost simulator’s developers once said: The color is the path
  • MakkieMon is the only developer who doesn’t have a real name.
  • Publicity was released for the game on May 3, 2019.
  • Ghost Simulator was originally called Snowball Simulator
  • Xbox created the trailer for the ghost simulator.
  • How many permanent NPCs can you find in the game? 46
  • What was the latest update for the Conk coin? 1.85.0
  • What were the original vacuum stats for the Alpha Pet? 20.44
  • Who was the original inventor of Ghost Hunter B: WegaArk
  • What was added to verion 1.57.0?
  • Wich pet is the first to be credited in the game. Pug
  • Ghost simulator updates are available every Friday
  • Pegasus is the pet with the most variants:
  • What update can you add lootbags or main hub bosses? 1.103.0
  • The original NPC that rewarded the chocolate bar: Fern

How do you collect the rewards?

Talk to NPC Ghost Hunter DaVid David and, if you get 100% hits, he will reward you with a reward. It’s the NPC wearing a hat that has the US flag (the one in the photo of the guide).

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