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Home » Fortnite leak teases classic weapons for upcoming Wild Week

Fortnite leak teases classic weapons for upcoming Wild Week

    One of Fortnite’s forthcoming Wild Weeks could see the returning of some of the familiar and fiery weapons.

    Fortnite leak teases classic weapons for upcoming Wild Week

    Fortnite leaker @HYPEX has teased the public by revealing an announcement of the iconic Flame Bow and the Dragon Breath Shotgun which are scheduled to be released in conjunction with Wild Week at the end of the season. This is the tweet by @HYPEX, showing the appearance of each weapon to the uninitiated:

    Fortnite HTML0fans are not too happy about their Dragon Breath Shotgun, which is perfectly acceptable. While the weapon is perfectly playable in the game but the appearance is dull, to be honest. It’s a victim of the same simplistic style that you’ll encounter on the Apex LegendsBattle Pass that adds a dash of color to the manufacturer’s default gray.

    But it’s however, the Flame Bow is definitely worth taking note of. A few newcomers might not be aware of it however it is a fact that the Flame Bow was actually featured in the first week of the initial Wild Week updates, back in May of 2021.

    It was the main attraction of the “Fighting Fire with Fire” theme that truly captures the look of a dragon in comparison to the other dragons. The sharp scales and fiery bows look amazing and the bow performs very well. In reality, any type of dragon-themed artwork is usually hard to miss, and it’s a bit odd that the shotgun isn’t a big make difference.

    These well-known weapons were not the only leaks or news regarding Fortnite that was pretty busy today. Thanks to Tom Henderson, @HYPEX also revealed that the Dreamer costume will become made available on September 10, much to the dismay of players who were expecting “Demon Girl”:

    Fortnite has seen a number of unhappy fans contact us regarding “Late Game Arena”, which requires fixing. It was among the most desired game modes of the game’s history due to its large team and intense gameplay. Therefore, it’s advisable to be on the lookout for developments from the developers.