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Flexible Survival Cheats

    Flexible Survival Cheats: All Navigation Commands, Items Commands, NPC Commands and Other Commands


    Flexible Survival Cheats – Navigation Commands

    These are the Navigation Commands & Cheats


    • Navigate ( Navigation ? – Nav Takes you to a place you’ve been before
    • Scavenge ( Scav ). – Looking for food/water near you.
    • Explore– Search around your current location to find other noteworthy areas. This is how to discover new places.
    • Hunt Hunt You will need to search in the immediate vicinity of your target area

    Flexible Survival Cheats – Item Commands

    These are the Item Commands and Cheats

    • Use to eat edible items and drink liquid items. Items that can be used as weapons/equipment are equipped
    • EatDrink — Consume edible/potable foods.
    • GetTake — Attempts to get an item.
    • Get all or All – Grab everything in the room.
    • Inventory Inv – Lists all items within your inventory
    • Drop– Places an item on ground
    • Dropall — Removes all inventory items
    • Junk/Trash — Remove an item from your inventory (permanent).
    • Junkall/Trashall — Trashes one type of item from your inventory
    • Microwave– Microwaves an article

    Flexible Survival Cheats – Item & NPC Commands

    These are the Item & NPC commands & cheats

    • Take a look at – See a person/item/room.
    • You can smell –
    • Watch lets you see how long is left in the game and what time it is.
    • Let me show you how to look at yourself
    • Talk — Talk to a given N
    • Fuck Fuck You will be asked to offer to have s** with the given NPC
    • Give– Will give an item a character. Example: ‘Give food Rod’

    Other commands & cheats

    These are the other commands & cheats

    • Help In-game assistance
    • Stats– Lists all stats
    • View the status – Prints the information in the status bar
    • Iwannacheat – Cheat menu
    • Undo — Undo all effects of the previous command.
    • Save – Saves your game to a file
    • Loads a saved file.
    • rest — Rests for one turn
    • Givein – Allow your infection to take over and give in
    • Turn off the rescue (unlimited)
    • Stop now – Cause the game’s end to occur earlier
    • Wait off/on Toggling whether the game will continue providing text
    • Clear off/on Toggling whether the game will clear periodically
    • Auto Attack allows you to modify your auto attack preference
    • Shift Permanent stat boosts based upon infection specific and powerful self-species assignment

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