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Evil lovers take off OpTic Gaming

    Evil Geniuses continue to improve They smashed OpTic Gaming and moved to 3-1 overall in this stage in the NA VALORANT Champions Tour on Friday.

    Evil lovers take off OpTic Gaming

    Evil Geniuses stunned the crowd in Stage Two by sweeping through teams from Group B. The victory over the previously undefeated OpTic was the ideal opportunity for EG to earn their playoffs and then to be dropped from the names of players that were listed as competitors during the stage group.

    OpTic picked a map from the series called Bind however, they didn’t realise that it would result in winning a map, when Evil Geniuses selected one map. EG was only a fraction ahead at halftime when their two teams had traded round wins during the first half. OpTic was behind for the bulk of the second half while EG won round after round, closing the game 13-8. Jawgemo was the top player for all the EGs on Bind and he racked up 23 kills to earn an average that was 1.53 K/D.

    Wait for it #VCTNA

    Evil Geniuses (@Evil Geniuses) June 4, 2022.

    Split is the next game in the series, and was chosen by EG the game’s creators, but it was used as a way to play OpTic as well as the game was pretty basically a time-waster. The teams finished with 12 at six. The teams could not finish the series after one of those rounds. In the second half, EG win the first two rounds however, OpTic came back by winning five rounds in consecutive rounds. They improved their performance with each round. Even when EG tried to return half of the map the map, they only managed eleven rounds prior to OpTic shut down the map.

    Ascent will decide which team was to leave the field when the game was set to be the ultimate victory. Ascent, as Split did not go the distance. The two teams exchanged rounds back and back, but without any cent. OpTic appeared to have a game on the line by leading 8-4 in the final half, before resolving the impressive second half score by putting in the two rounds they had, bringing 10-6. However, let’s conclude that the defense of the EGs had been too tough for OpTic in the end, with OpTic prevailing seven of the last eight rounds, resulting in a stunning 13-11 win.

    Both teams will be competing at two of the NA Stage 2 playoffs but the first spot within the team is in the hands of the winner, with EG and OpTic each have three points ahead of rival teams. OpTic will likely to replace Luminositys roster on June 12 of next year’s season and Evil Geniuses are expected to become part of FaZe Clan on June 11 for the final game of the group.