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Deino Community Day – Pokemon Go June 2022

    Pokemon Go June 2022 – Deino Community Day Community Day: Deino & Hydreigon: All information about the event, new attack, evolution, and more

    The Deino Community Day- Pokemon Go June 2022. Pokemon type Dark & Dragon. June 25, 11:00 – 14:00 (plus 5 hours for learning movements).


    Pokemon Go Events June 2022 and Alolan Event

    Deino Community Day – Pokemon Go June 2022

    Information – Deino Community Day

    Within a few hours, spawn will increase along with the chance of catching a Deino or Deino shiny.

    The number of pokemon that are spawned during these hours will increase to Deino and the shiny ratio will be higher, for every 25 Deino one shiny will be released.

    Saturday 25 June, 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (plus 5 hours for movement) The chance of spawning and shining has increased significantly.


    Many players don’t mind that the community day is only 3 hours long for Pokemon that are fairly common. However, when it comes Pokemon such as Deino which are extremely rare, many Pokemon Go players demand that the time it takes to catch Deino be increased.


    Exclusive Attack will be able to identify the charged Attack:

    • Brutal Swing
    • Trainer Battles: 65 power
    • Gyms and raids: 65 Power

    This move will only be learned if it is performed during the event. The event will end, but you’ll still have 5 hours to learn this move. Keep watching, as he will only be able to learn the attack between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m..

    We recommend that you develop Deino Zweilous Hydreigon during established hours, as this opportunity won’t happen again on the Hydreigon community days.


    • Free 30 Ultra Balls. (unconfirmed)
    • For 1k PokeCoins, there is a Community Day Box: Lucky Egg, Super Incubator and 1 Elite FastTM or Elite ChargedTM. Also, there’s a Star Piece. (unconfirmed)

    Paid Research

    You can now give a ticket as a new function to your friend. All you need to do is:

    1. Click on Ticket to See Special Research
    2. Gift button
    3. Choose the friend.

    Community Day Special Story of Research for 1 $ (or the equivalent in your local currency)

    • Special Research story: Field Notes: Deino
    • Could have stardust, berries, incense, candy, and candies.

    Event bonuses

    • 1/4 Hatch Distance
    • x2 Catch Candy
    • x2 chance of receiving Candy ++ for catching Deino
    • Incense3 hours.
    • Lure Modules3 Hours.
    • Surprises in photos
    • +1 special lateduring this event (maximum 2 per day).
    • 50% off special trade while you are there will save you stardust

    Group Bonuses

    This bonus allows Pokemon trainers to play together in a group. It works like this: A lure module is activated, and trainers within the vicinity of the bait module catch a certain number of Pokemon, the bonus activates.

    • Reward: Zweilous

    Raid Bonuses

    Between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. (local time), 4-star raids will begin. We recommend that you participate in groups, as the raid Pokemon will be boosted, making it more difficult for you to beat. If Victorious is able to be obtained in the raid, Deino will spawn within 300 meters of the Gym .

    Important: Event bonuses and group bonuses are not available from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. You will only be able use Remote Raid Passes or Premium Battle Passes.

    • Raid: Zweilous

    Stickers – Shop

    New stickers will be available for you to collect or give away. Images of the stickers.

    Avatar: Deino Hat

    The store will have different items that correspond to the day of Deino. You can view the photo.

    Deino Community Day – Deino & Hydreigon

    Information about Deino

    Below is the latest and most detailed information about Deino and Hydreigon. Info Pokemon: Deino > Zweilous > Hydreigon

    • Great League: no ranking
    • Little Cup Top 3

    TypeDark & Dragon
    Level 40: 1.062 pc
    Level 50: 1.200 PC
    Buddy > Level 51: 1.214 PC


    Fairy, x2.56 Fighting x1.6 Bugx1.6 Dragon x1.6 Ice x1.6


    Ghost x0.63 Fire x0.63 Grass, x0.63 Water x0.63 Electric x0.63 Dark x0.63 Psychic

    Stats Deino

    • Attack: 116
    • Defense: 93
    • Stamina: 141

    Fast Moves Deino

    • Dragon Breath ( Dragon) > Damage 6 > DPS 14.4
    • Tackle ( Regular) > Damage 5 > DPS 10

    Charged Moves Deino

    • Dragon Pulse ( Dragon) > Damage : 90 > DPS : 30
    • Body Slam ( Regular) > Injury: 50 > DPS 26.3
    • Crunch ( Heavy) > Damage 70 > DPS 26.3

    Hydreigon Info

    Super event! Hydreigon community Day or Community Day of the Hydreigon. The charged attack of this Pokémon seems to be quite good so let’s just wait until it comes out to evaluate it. We will leave the Hydreigon positions for now.

    • Great League: ranking 459
    • Ultra League: ranking 359
    • Master League: ranking 67
    • Master League (Classic): ranking 110
    • Great Ball Remix – ranking 436
    • 2022 Championship Series – ranking 436

    TypeDark & Dragon
    Level 40: 3.625 pc
    Level 50: 4.098 pc
    Buddy > Level 51: 4.147 PC


    Fairy, x2.56 Fighting x1.6 Bugx1.6 Dragon x1.6 Ice x1.6


    Ghost x0.63 Fire x0.63 Grass, x0.63 Water x0.63 Electric x0.63 Dark x0.63 Psychic

    Gyms and Raids

    Hydreigon currently is in Master League. However, with the new Brutal Swing attack we think he will climb the ranks. It is also good for raids or gym attacks with other Pokemon.

    Stats Hydreigon

    • Attack: 256
    • Defense: 188
    • Stamina: 211

    Fast Moves Hydreigon

    • Dragon Breath ( Dragon) > Damage 6 > DPS 14.4
    • Bite ( dark) > Damage 6 > DPS 14.4

    Charged Movements Hydreigon

    • (Community Day Atack) Brutal Dark > Damage: 80
    • Dark Pulse ( dark) > Damage 80 > DPS 32
    • Flash Cannon ( steel) > Damage 100 > DPS 37
    • Dragon Pulse ( Dragon) > Damage : 90 > DPS : 30

    June Events

    We will be enjoying many events that focus on the latest updates in Pokemon Go throughout the season. Keep our website in your favorites so you can visit it frequently to keep up to date with all the latest events in Pokemon Go. Below is a listing of all the events. To find out more, click the link “click Here” for the event.

    Pokemon Go Fest

    The Pokemon Go Fest will take place on Sunday and Saturday, June 4th and 5. Shaymin will be the debut of Mythical Pokemon.

    To learn more, Click here.

    Pokemon Go Fest Seattle

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    Adventure Week

    From June 7 through June 12. Trainers! You will be exploring the fascinating and thrilling world of fossils with your Pokeballs.

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    TCG Crossover Event

    This event will run from June 16 to June 30. We will be surprised by Niantic’s update on the Pokemon TCG (the collectible cards game). Stay tuned for this amazing event!

    To learn more, Click here.

    Day of Community

    We will give you a link to all the information about Deino CD, so mark these dates on your calendar. The Deino Community Day will be the next community day.

    Season of Go Changes & Bonuses Fest –Go Battle League

    Pokemon Go, Go Battle League 11 will begin June 1, 2013 and last 3 months (almost all of the summer), and will conclude September 1, 2013.

    For more information, Click here.

    Learn more about Pokemon GO.

    Please leave comments if you have suggestions or opinions. It will be a pleasure to read it.

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