cU: Zen 3 and RDNA 2 – Geek-Handheld Gets Tizen 7 6800 U: Zen 2 and 3 %

cU: Zen 3 and RDNA 2 – Geek-Handheld Gets Tizen 7 6800 U: Zen 2 and 3 %

Aya Neo was one of the first companies to create a portable Windows 10/11-based gaming console equipped with the AMD Ryzen accelerated processing unit within, and just recently announced its next version of the Pro Aya Neo. It appears to be keen to offer the widest selection of these systems available on the market. A few days after the launch of its 289-dollar Aya Neo Air Plus company released an announcement regarding its Aya Neo 2Geek console (viaLiliputing) which is a different, more powerful Steam Deck alternative.

The Aya Neo 2 console is just a slight tweaked version initial Aya Neo console that was which was launched earlier this year. However, its performance is quite impressive. Aya Neo 2 Geek has 7-inch screen with 800pp/1000p resolution. It’s comprised of Ryzen 7 6800U (those eight Zen 3 cores 768 RDNA 2 stream processors) or Ryzen 5 6600U (six Zen 3 cores, 384 RDNA 2 stream processors) that has 16GB of memory as well as the NAND flash drive 512GB/TB.


The range-topping configuration has similar to that of the Aya Neo 2 but there are various types of distinctions on the networks (Wi-Fi 6, and 6E) Gyroscopes are one. 2.) There are a number of changes to improve the quality of work but not as significant as the speed and quality of the experience.


AyaNeo 2 Geek is expected to be able to compete with the Valve Steam Deck console that comes with a price of $399, $649 as per the name of the product. The brand new AyaNeo 2 Geek version will provide better general-purpose and graphics performance, and it will provide more gaming experience but at a cost higher.


It is the Aya Neo 2Geek is from the company’s existing collection of portable gaming consoles including Aya Neo 2 Geek, Aya Neo Air Plus, Aya Neo Air, Aya Neo Air, Aya O.J.A., Aya Neo Slide, Aya Neo 2, and the original models. The Geek is a product designed in collaboration with Aya Neo is set to run for the price of 699 (6600) or 799 (6800) when it becomes made available in 2023. It is the “very affordable premium” segment that is lower than what is known as the “subject far-high” line, made up from Aya Neo 2, and Aya Neo.

The Aya Neo 2 Geek is now available for pre-order in the Chinese on the internet store.

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