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Chimeraland Pet Evolution Strategy

    A saying was heard from the past: “Only good wine can truly relieve your worries.” In the beginning, however, in times, wine was difficult to come across in Chimeraland. However, there’s another option that is more effective for travelers, the end of all anxiety Minkrat.

    The Minkrat’s skin is white and it appears like a cat. It has the shape of a heart on its two tails as well as a ball beneath its feet. It’s very innocent. The mere act of watching it struggle to get up on the ball will make any person feel content.

    Preparing for Evolution

    The Minkrat developed from Leoparbeak. If you’re interested in one, you have to satisfy the requirements of evolution first:

    Leoparbeak Entity + Shellcoon Head + Giant Pinchpion Tail + Minkrat Evol. Pill = Rare Beast C Grade MinkratAsides From to the Minkrat Evol. Pill, and all items are available for purchase at the

    Auction House. You may also opt to take them home and it takes more laborious, but it will cost you less.

    Auction House

    Leoparbeaks are a species that prefer mountains covered in snow. Shellcoons live in prairie forests. They are huge. Pinchpions are typically found in desert regions. Leoparbeaks are essential for their eggs. Incubate them to allow to hatch into the Minkrat Entity to use. Shellcoons and Pinchpions are required for a short time – eat them to swap parts. Make use of Pinchpion Tail and Shellcoon Head to replace the original parts. Shellcoon Head and Pinchpion Tail to exchange the original components.

    Use the search function can allow you to quickly locate the animal that is in your search. Leoparbeak — Leoparbeak Meat Shellcoon small Beast Meat Pinchpion The Scorpion King Stinger.Once the preparation is completed travellers can make use of

    30 minkrat evolution powdersto mix with

    Minkrat Evol. Pill Then use their Leoparbeak into the spirit Witch Trahaearn.

    Minkrat Evolution Powder is available to be purchased using

    Clan Contributionfrom Home Shop – General – Pets. There is a

    limit of 10 per week.

    maximum of 10 days per each week. 

    Minkrat Attributes

    The Minkrat is a Grade C Rare Beast. Its

    ATK/HP/DEFquality limitations are

    60/60/60. The talent attribute of this is

    4.8% Crit DMGand its

    attribute conversion rate of 5percent.It can unlock up to

    7 skill slots inherited from the previous generationand can

    fight on land and in the air.

    combat on land and from the sky.The Minkrat has 3 abilities, which are unlocked after the requirements are fulfilled.

    While it’s not the most advanced of capabilities, this means that the skill 3 (with the highest damage) is much easier to trigger. When combined along with Crit DMG ability that can cause a lot of damage. The Crit DMG ability is not common and the more it’s developed, the greater benefits it will bring to the owner through Bloodline conversion.


    Minkrat Cultivation

    Minkrat cultivation is characterized by four aspects:

    quality level, skill, and qualities.No pet have maximum quality at the beginning. Minkrat’s quality starts off randomized through its Leoparbeak Entity. Minkrat requires food

    Mature Pills to enhance this.

    The quality of HTML0influences the overall Battle Power, so this is vital.

    Take its Maturity Pills and feed it to enhance its current capabilities up to the limits.

    It feeds its delicious foods to enhance its

    quality limitations. The Minkrat’s most loved food is

    Horse Stew Hot Pot. Yurlunggur Mixed Vegetables and steam-cooked Sweet & Sour Icebug Chimeraland One Pot Dish are food items that pets will love and can also be utilized to nourish the Minkrat.

    Feed your Minkrat in order to enhance its fullness.

    Mounts use Fullness to earn EXP and to level up. You can also use your Minkrat and fight monsters or explore your Secret Realm, both of which enable it to earn EXP in order to upgrade.

    In the end, you must provide your Minkrat with the right guides to help it grow properly.

    Mounts expend Fullness to obtain EXP and level up

    Minkrat, “The Ender of All Worries” is a pet with an inexpensive acquisition cost and is strong. It also provides an excellent Battle Power bonus when placed within the Bloodline which is why it is ideal to train as a Bloodline Pet!