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Home » Team Liquid officially exits PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds eSports

Team Liquid officially exits PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds eSports

    Team Liquid has officially announced that they will not participate in PUBG ESpo.

    Each Team Liquid and PUBGhave been well-loved staples in any eSports community However, the storied team has released an unexpected statement that officially announces their withdrawal from any upcoming PUBG tournaments.

    While the loss of the title could be a disappointment to many, however, the announcement is filled with positive words and a long article that goes into greater details. Here’s the tweet that was originally posted by Team Liquid:

    Team Liquid has been an efficient team in the game and has had a wide range of notable victories and players. However, according to their official goodbye message Team Liquid has mentioned the “financial realities” of the PUBGscene and referred to “esports, business, and even international marketplaces”.

    The problem is that this does not address the exact issues, leaving fans to be speculative. Although it was a shock to fans, the staff and team were aware of the major shift since the 4th of August.

    The announcement quickly raised fan questions about the coming PUBG The Continental Series VII tournament that Team Liquid is currently scheduled to play in.

    It appears that they’ll still be participating in the PCS7 as planned, but it’s the conclusion of the time they’ve been involved. Although it’s going to be a bit strange it’s also a chance to end the year with an oomph. The PCS7 currently has a prize pool of $250,000 USD.

    Team Liquid has carefully reinforced that they are still a fan of the game and that their choice is not based on the game’s content or gameplay. The team has received letters from several players that echo this sentiment and have nothing but happy memories.

    As Team Liquid is a titan in the world of eSports this shift could provide space for expanding orgs to establish their own brands. This also allows Team Liquid some breathing room to consider a move to a new title or put more emphasis on their rosters from other games.