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Apostle: Rebellion – All Side Jobs Quests and Guide

    This is all you need to know about side jobs.


    Get Ready

    Before we can start side jobs or get those WP, there are some things you need to do.

    Maxim will send you a message telling you to get to Mowson Eleven as soon as possible. You can get your first WP there and also unlock side jobs.


    * Wait for a prompt to tell you that this is the end of your city exploration. This will make it possible to do side jobs or play minigames.

    * Unlock the Card Collection sidequest. To do this, talk to the Neo-Akiba clerk.

    * Get the fishing minigame. Talk to the fisherman at the harbor to unlock the fishing minigame.

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    Side Jobs (01-10)

    SJ #1 Car Repair

    Locale: Garage, Home

    You can return to your bedroom, grab the tools from the kitchen, and then go back to the garage to complete the mini-game.


    Rewards: Energy Drink x1, 1WP

    SJ #2 Arrests the Scammer

    Location: The man wearing glasses and a Chinese cap is located on the 1st screen from Taxi.


    Give him 2000 bits. Run one screen to your right, then down a bit on the crossroad to talk to the policeman. Take the Taxi to Neo-Akiba and enter the Game Bar Building to talk to the fraudster.

    Reward: 1WP

    SJ #3: Find the Doll


    Location: Take the Taxi from Mowson Eleven to see a little girl and her mother on your right.

    Take the Taxi from Neo-Eden Aqua Land. The doll is located in the upper left corner. Return it to the girl.

    Reward: 1WP


    SJ #4 Fancy Hamburger

    Location: Just 2 screens to your right from Taxi. You will find the girl just above where you enter

    The ingredients can be purchased at:


    HQ Bread-Manbiki 1000 bit

    Ketchup-Manbiki 260 bit

    Onion-Mowson Eleven – 90 bit


    Tomato-Mowson Eleven – 150 bit

    Hamburg Steak-Aphesis 2nd Floor, cafe-980

    Once you have everything, cook it at home and then give it to the quest taker


    Reward: Hamburger x1, 1WP

    SJ #5 Find Doubanjiang

    Location: Chinatown. It is at the factory’s entrance where you fought Madam.


    Go to Aphesis and go to the 2nd Floor. Enter the Hall of Baphtus. Revisit Chinatown Megiddo. 1 screen upper-left, 1 screen left. You can use Action Point to return the Doubanjiang back to the quest giver.

    Reward: Mom’s special Mapo Tofu x1, 1WP

    SJ #6 Get the Secret Soup Stock


    Location: Take the Taxi from the Taxi Station to talk to the man standing next to the Taxi Car

    Similar to SJ#5, but choose Apartament Megiddo. Continue to the right and then go up until you find the open door to the ramen shop. You can use Action Point to return the Secret Soup Stock the quest giver.

    Reward: 1WP


    SJ #7 He Wants to Burn With Fighting Spirit

    Location: Three screens to the right of Taxi. It’s the man in a naked body

    He will need the “Fighting Spirit Pills” It can be found in the Hall of Bapthus Megiddos boxes or on the floor. Zoom is required to view them. It was located near Metro (use Taxi), just to my left, under the “Billy Club XL” sign. However, it might not be for you.


    Reward: 1WP

    SJ #8 The Silver Key

    Location: Take the Taxi from the Taxi Station to enter the building immediately above. Continue up until you find a woman with orange hair.


    To locate the Taxi Station location, use ZOOM Mode (F-button). Give it back to her. Next, locate the second key at the Taxi Station. Give it back to her. Take the Taxi to Subway Station. Find the third key near the entrance and return it to her.

    Reward: 1WP

    SJ #9 The Manga


    Location: Neo-Akiba. Take the taxi and then climb up until you spot a man wearing a red jacket.

    Miyabi can be reached at Call Miyabi.

    Reward: Steak x1, 1WP

    SJ #10 Stop Fighting

    Location: The men to the right of the previous Side Job.

    You must give them the “Loving Bonds” item. It can be found in the chest at the rescue of the Skull Diggers girls, in random drops from Hall of Bapthus Megiddos crates, or as a reward for the Shooting Range Tournament.

    Reward: 1WP

    Side Jobs (11-20)

    SJ #11 Getting Jiggy With It Prerequisite: SJ#8 must be completed first

    Go to the Gun Store. It is located in the same apartment as the woman who asked for the Silver Key. It can be done in two ways. Either you win the tournament, or you can finish it in hard mode three times. If you choose the latter, go home to get a message in the “Side Job” category. Then, return to the Gun Store.

    Reward Loving Bonds and Shimna x1, Shimna, x1, Shimna.

    SJ #12 You Can’t Fight with an Empty Stomach From Taxi, go 1 screen down and then descend the ladder until you see the ninja girl to your right. Cook her salmon onigiri. The ingredients can be found at:

    Instant Rice-Mowson Eleven – 250 bits

    Salt-Manbiki 150 bits

    Salmon-Mowson Eleven – 180 bits

    After you have cooked it, return to your mother and give it back.


    Answer her quiz while you’re at it to unlock the next quests.

    These are the answers:

    Number 12

    – Pain pain go away

    – Hebraios

    You can make it in the frying pan

    – 25000$

    SJ #13 free throw battle Start at the taxi and go all the way to your right (4 screens) until the basketball court is visible.

    You can win the mini-game

    Reward:card Remy – Swimsuit x1, 1WP

    SJ #14 Catching ElizabethLocation:Take the Taxi to Taxi Station, then go 1 screen left, then up till you open door to the cafe, 1 screen to the left, up. It’s the woman wearing dark glasses.

    Run around Sector 50 until your eyes spot a grey cat. Don’t approach her, use Key Item “Catmint” instead. You’ll be stunned for 3 seconds, and will need to grab her during that time. Return her to the quest-giver. I found her near Roid Repairs. (From where you did the side job, scroll 1 screen to the left, 1 screen up, and then run up).

    Reward:Elizabeth’s Photo Album x1,1WP

    SJ #15 Card CollectingLocation:Take the taxi to Neo-Eden Aqua Land and talk to the boy with an afro on the right

    You have three minutes to get to Person A. Grab his card from the server to grab it and then return to the boy.

    Reward: You get no rewards if the card isn’t returned. You get 1WP and the Kenshin Takeda Swimsuit card if you return it.

    SJ #16 Do it For Dad Place:Inside Manbiki. It’s the woman who has red hair.

    Fuyune can be reached at Cafe Ecstasy. The redhead woman will receive the wine at 3000 yen.

    Reward:3WP for giving it to her free of charge (I repeat, 3WP! !)

    1WP if she pays you 3000 bits

    No WP if she makes you pay 10000 bits

    SJ #17 A Whole New World of Fried RiceLocation:Chinatown, the farthest from where you arrive. It’s the girl who has a cybernetic eye. You can buy the ingredients here:

    Fried Rice-Aphesis Cafe – 800 bits

    Egg x3-Mowson Eleven 300 bits

    Call Ai Lin and ask her to make soup fried rice at home. Then, return the dish to the cyborg woman.

    Reward: 1WP

    SJ #18 The Boy Who Wants to be a NinjaLocation:Japantown. The boy wearing a green bandana is near the ladder. The following are his hiding places:

    1) He is hiding behind the left column at the Inari Shrine.

    2) On the main square, just behind the column that bears Sushi Goro

    3) To the right of the casino entrance, just behind the barrels. (You only have 1 minute to locate him).


    SJ #19 Losing isn’t an Option Go to Harbor to unlock the fishing minigame, and talk with the fisherman.

    You will need to catch fish at least 50 cm in length.

    Rewardfood to raise your max HP by 100. Nana Nanashiro (Swimsuit card) and 1WP

    SJ#20 Delivery Service Position:From Taxi 1 screen to the right, 2 screens to go, and then 1 screen to the right. It’s the blue-clad man.

    It took you three minutes to deliver the food. Customers are:

    1) One screen to the left of the delivery boy. It’s a blonde woman wearing a black dress.

    2) Go to the right from the delivery boy and go 2 screens further. The man in the red tie is on the left

    3) Start by going sow, then go downstairs. 1 screen down, 1 screen to the left. It’s the man at the center of the map.

    To get your rewards, go back to the delivery boy (1 screen right, 1screen upper right, up to the ladder, 2 screen up, to the guitar shop, left).

    Rewards:Curry Ricex1, 1 WP

    Side Jobs (21-30)

    SJ #21 Face the QuizmasterPrerequisite:Finish SJ#18

    LocationJapantown under Casino Entrance

    Answer the quiz.

    To prevent food poisoning





    Reward:Card Ritsuka Suzuki (R-18)x1, NO WP

    SJ #22 Another Car RepairPrerequisite:Finish SJ#1

    Location:Home. Garage

    Complete the mini-game in the same way as SJ#1

    Reward:Energy Drink x1, 1 WP

    SJ #23 Get Grandma’s MedicineLocation:Large open area in Chinatown. It’s the blonde girl.

    Go to the Hall of Bapthis, located on the second floor of Aphesis. Enter Kowloon Megiddo. Continue up, passing the open door. Continue upstairs and then go to the upper right corner of the screen. Use Action Point. Leave Megiddo, and give the medicine the blonde girl.

    Reward:Grandma’s Fruit Sandwich, x1, 1WP

    SJ#24 Locate the Dropped Cards At the upper end of the casino in Japantown. This is the man with blue hair, and an eye implant.

    You can use ZOOM mode in Japantown to locate the 3 cards. They are…

    1) In the central square, just behind the pagoda mounted on a metal plate.

    2) Go left from the church into the side alleyway

    3) Only left of Eden Paradise

    Give the cards back to the blue-haired guy

    Reward1WP: 1 super-rare card.

    SJ#25 Food Fight! Take the Taxi to Subway Entrance, and talk to the blonde with the red hair.

    Call Amelia to talk to the quest-giver again.


    SJ# 26 The Power of Angelic VoiceLocation:Canaan Hospital, near hospital doors.

    As with the previous quest, contact Chloe to talk to the quest giver.


    SJ #27 I Want Katsudon!Prerequisite:Prerequisite: Finish SJ#21

    LocationInside of the small shrine in the upper-left corner at the Inari Shrine. To receive a message from Yaji, click the “Side Jobs” tab and return home first. If you do not receive any messages, finish SJ #29 immediately. You can find the ingredients for the Katsudon at:

    Egg-Mowson Eleven – 100 bits

    Onion-Mowson Eleven – 90 bits

    Pork-Mowson Eleven – 400 bits

    Cooking Oil-Manbiki-300 bits

    Once you have all the ingredients, prepare the katsudon.


    SJ 28 Find the spot-the-difference photo Position:3rd Floor of Aphesis. It’s the man with the afro who’s downstairs

    Go to the Executives Room, first floor. Press Z on Action Point and then give the picture back the afro man.


    SJ #29 For the ChildrenLocation:Japantown, inside the Church.

    Instant Rice x10 – Monsoon Eleven-2500 pieces

    Shrimps x5 – Monsoon Eleven-1500 Bits

    Sausage x10-Monsoon Eleven-2600 pieces

    Beef x5 – Monsoon Eleven-3250 pieces


    SJ #30 Stamp Out the CultPrerequisite:Finish all the previous side jobs

    Location:Garage, Home. To unlock the door, first go back to Home and read Maxim’s message.

    Finish the mini-game of shooting.

    Up, left, up, up, left, up, up, up

    Kill the boss by destroying 2 generators.

    Rewards: The satisfaction of doing a great job (AKA absolutely no)