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Home » Anime Fighters Simulator All Secret Characters and how to unlock them

Anime Fighters Simulator All Secret Characters and how to unlock them

    Anime Fighters Simulation All Secret Characters and How to Unlock them – All the locations and some tips to make farming easier

    Anime Fighters Simulator All Secret Characters and how to unlock them


    Anime Fighters Simulator All Hidden Characters – Full Liste & Locations

    These are the locations and secret characters:


    • Pinkie-Buu:Super Island-Dragon Ball Z
    • Asuku – Nagato: Ninja Village – Naruto
    • Tokio – Dio: Crazy Town – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
    • Dobonito: DoflamingoFruits Island One Piece
    • Eagle Eyed – Hawks: Hero University – My Hero Academia
    • Big Ben BertoltWalled City Attack on Titan
    • Sun – Yoriichi: Slayer Army – Demon Slayer
    • Two Eyed- Eto:Ghoul Town Tokyo Ghoul
    • Far Away – Adult Gon: Chimera Jungle – Hunter x Hunter
    • Slicette – Alice Zuberg: Virtual Castle – Sword Art Online
    • Eiko: Sosuke Anizen Empty Dimension Bleach
    • Sigma Curse – Sukuna: Cursed High – Jujutsu Kaisen
    • Emperor Alien Boros:XYZ Metropolis One Punch Man
    • Dark One Estarossa9 Crimes Islands – Seven Deadly Sins
    • Jane d’ Bateau – Jeanne d’ Arc: Destiny Island – Ulysses
    • King Of Mages – Julius NovachronoLucky Kingdom-Black Clover
    • The Truth –Land of Alchemy
    • Destroyer- Milim Nava:Slimey Island- That Time I Was Reincarnated as Slime
    • Soar: Sho Kusakabe –Flame City-Fire Force
    • Zeus – Divine Colleseum Record of Ragnarok
    • Greatest Evil. Zeref:Kingdom of Four. Fairy Tail
    • Prodigious Knight – Reinhard Van Astrea: Icey Wastes – Re:Zero
    • Control Monster Makima:The Underworld Chainsaw Man
    • Esper King – Touichirou Suzuki:Psychic city – Mob Psycho 100
    • Kama- Dorohedoro :The Hole- Dorohedoro
    • Famu-Baryon Mode NarutoNinja City-Boruto Naruto Next Generations
    • Betrayer – Keisuke Baji: Time Travel Tokyo – Tokyo Revengers
    • Jimmy: Orca Road Prison – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean
    • Yuka – World of Games – Yu-Gi-Oh
    • Father Killer Nui HarimeFashion Empire Kill La Kill
    • Possessed – Spooky Island? ?

    How do I unlock a secret character within AFS?

    To obtain secret characters, the only way is to open stars. Most stars contain a secret character. Problem is that there are very few chances. The chances of the secret characters touching one in 500,000 or one in a thousand times are very slim.

    We can only advise you that luck boosters is the best way to spend your time trying to find a secret character. You can either use codes or buy them in-game. The Ultra Lucky gamepass, for example, gives you a +3 luck boost and increases your chances of winning. Although it is expensive at 1,999 Robux, it can make a big difference. Open stars are always available to anyone who plays Anime Fighters Simulator regularly.