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All New Loomians in 2022 Sweet Treat event in Loomian Legacy

    Find out the latest Loomians are on sale for 2022’s Sweet Treat event in Loomian Legacy.

    Loomian Legacy is a Pokemon-like game that is available on Roblox. Roblox platform. The game lets you’ll discover the planet, find pets, fight trading with fellow players. When you progress across the MMO adventures RPG you’ll improve your expertise with your loomians and strive to become the ultimate coach. If you’re wondering which new Loomians are on the market during this Sweet Retreat event of 2022 We’ll let you know in this article.

    New Loomians in Sweet Retreat 2022

    The following Loomians can be found within The Tall Grass of the event region, and they’ll appear in the 15 to 20 range.

    Loomian Type Rarity TP Yield
    Mochibi Ice Common 1 Speed
    Gwurm Bug Uncommon 1 Energy
    Cupoink Fire Rare 1 Energy
    Phancub (Sweet Form) Spirit/Brawler Very Rare 1/100 (1%) 1 Melee Attack
    Slugling (Birthday Form) Plant Very Rare 1/200 (0.5%) 1 Ranged Defense

    It is also possible to catch the Nymaurae by purchasing the Delicious Cake by contacting the Chef at 150 Cake Points. Place the cake on the pedestal and when you have done that, the Nymaurae will be visible and the battle begin. You can repeat this process for as many times as you like however you’ll need purchase a new Delicious Cake to do so.

    Get more information about these spawns by watching the following video:

    These are the latest Loomians that will be available at the Sweet Retreat event in 2022. Make sure to visit our Roblox section on our website to find more amazing content available on the game platform.


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