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A new Mafia game is officially in development

    In a conversation, Hangar 13, the creators of the Mafia series said that a brand new entry in the series is currently under development.

    A new Mafia game is officially in development

    The Mafia series is among the most loved and popular open-world games ever. The crime simulator takes elements from games such as Grand Theft Auto but stands out from the crowd of its own American Mafia movie setting. Fans of the series are happy as the creation of a brand new game in the series three games was just made public.

    The information is revealed from the 20th anniversary Mafia developer interview that commemorates two decades of Mafia’s series by talking about a fan-curated list of subjects. In the interview, a question was answered by a developer who proved that the Mafia franchise is getting a new game being developed by Hangar 13.

    I’m pleased to announce that we’ve begun working on a brand new Mafia series! Although it’s still some time away, and we’re not able to reveal any more details at this time we’re eager to continue working on the beloved franchise and delight our fans with fresh stories.

    Hangar 13 are the original creators of The Mafia series. In the interview that they began as a small group and developed through their tireless work at attracting fans with the works that they published. It’s possible to say that the new Mafia game could not be better in the hands of the Mafia.

    The Mafia II game that was played last was played in the year 1968. New Bordeaux, taking the game to a different setting and a later time frame that Mafia II. Mafia II. In keeping with this, it is possible that the next Mafia game could be set in the future and will take place in a previously undiscovered place for the game.

    It’s not clear when the game will release but the language employed indicates that the game will not release for quite a while. It is possible to have the game released on the latest generation of consoles, and further information will be available shortly as soon as the game’s release date has been confirmed.