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2022s Xbox and Bethesda showcase are crucial for Microsoft

    Microsoft will host its second annual Xbox & Bethesda gaming show on June 12. Due to several delays and reports about development issues, it will be one of the most important shows for Xbox.

    With critically acclaimed titles like Halo Infinite, Age of Empires IV and Forza Horizon 5, Xbox is showing strong results in 2021. It has suffered from a decline in the first half this year. While debates rage over the size and composition of the Xbox 2022 lineup continue, Starfield and Redfall, two heavy-hitters, have been postponed until 2023. Microsoft must show gamers why they need to be paying attention to its platforms, services, and products this year. The Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase are where the big hitters can showcase their skills.


    Microsoft’s first-party games look very much like 2022’s back half. Although Microsoft had been relying on Bethesda for two blockbuster games, this strategy was abandoned when those games were delayed. Microsoft has released more Xbox Series X games since 2020’s release, but they are not expected to be made public. It is relying on third party exclusives such as Warhammer 40K Darktideand S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. This could have an additional impact on the release date due to Russia’s war against Ukraine.

    This is a bad situation. The Xbox and Bethesda game showcases are the best places to convince customers that the first parties will start in. Which one is possible? Redfall, Starfield and Contraband are certain not to be released this year. Due to the development issues that both titles are experiencing, State of Decay 3 & Perfect Dark also seem unlikely. Other Microsoft titles could be released in 2022, however. Grounded is likely to leave this year.

    Forza Horizon 5 was released the day before E3 2021. It seems that Microsoft will release the next mainline Forza Motorsport. For a moment, we will be looking at Turn 10, which is the next entry in the series’ development. Rumours suggest that beta testing is taking place.

    It is possible that Senuas Sacrifice 2 or Avowed, like other first-party studios this year, will be available to fill the Starfield and Redfall voids. If Deathloop and Age of Empires IV are ported to Xbox 360, they could be added to the lineup.

    First-party games have been announced for this year. These include the rumored noncombat RPG Josh Sawyer and the leaked remastering of Goldeneye 007, as well as one of many Xbox Game Studios Projects, which were revealed via the Nvidia GeForce now leak last year. If As Dusk Falls launches in this year, Xbox Games Studios Publishing will be able to make a difference in the 2022 number. These are all possible guesses. This Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase will confirm them. Microsoft will reveal what they have in store for us this year, if that doesn’t make sense.


    If Microsoft cannot provide exclusive first-party content this year, it is a possibility. In that case, it will need to add a significant player to Xbox Game Pass in the second half of 2022. All Xbox games were excluded from the conference in 2021. Microsoft should repeat this in 2020. It would be a great help if these games were launched in 2022. If some of these big titles, such as Saints Row or Sonic Frontiers, Gotham Knights, or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, were to launch on the service day one, it would make Xbox users’ experience less frustrating.

    Microsoft’s worst nightmare is that there are no Xbox Game Pass games available this fall. You may be able to get back in Xbox Game Studios Publishing. This publisher has partnered with other developers to create Xbox-exclusive titles. 2022, if Microsoft fails to provide anything compelling this year could be the most disappointing first-party year for Microsoft since 2017.

    It is possible that Gotham Knights will be an Xbox Game Pass title in 2022.

    This is an important event for Xbox. It is remarkable that after years of growth, the company has spent much of its time learning and acquiring studios around the world to enhance its exclusive line. However, they still haven’t had the time to present to him. Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, tweeted that the Redfall and Starfields delays were a mistake and that the games can be hard on both the teams and fans who play them. I’m open to receiving feedback as long as teams let me know when they are available. We continue to strive to meet our expectations because quality and consistency are expected.

    Although Microsoft’s vision of the future is admirable, it can be very expensive because there aren’t many compelling games available on the system this year. If it’s not, the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase might leave us wondering if the Xbox can deliver more than just constant results. Bethesda and Xbox Game Studios both need to shine. Not only for the years ahead, but also 2022.